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  1. Thats not worse than 24-2. Nothing can get much worse than 24-2 bro. Nothing!
  2. I admit. We will take a step back. We will not be the same team we were last year. But we will not fall far enough back to let the powderpuff gang catch us.
  3. I don't see that happening. Not with the competition we have to face in our division. The other teams are too weak. Sorry bro. Our head coach was benched. Not Drew Brees, JG, Sproles, PT, Ingram, Colston. We still have a brilliant mind that will be running this Power house.
  4. Lol. The first one is kind of funny. It's also funny when all of this blows up in Rivals faces come Nov. or Dec. when the Saints are still whippin' asss. What will be everyones excuse then? We wont even have our Head Coach!!!
  5. What? The season hasn't even started yet douchee bag Thats all you Falcon fans can hang your hat on. Is predictions. F ans A lways L eft C ounting O n N ext S eason
  6. Hahaha. Wow. Aint' that the truth. That would be the only shot they would have at beating us anyway. Falcons should take that under consideration next time.
  7. The only improvements in the NFCS is the bucs by a small margin. And the Panthers by a big margin. The Saints and Falcons will drop off. But luckily for the Saints they are still good enough to take the punishment and still win the NFCS. Saints/Panthers will be a race to the finish.
  8. We are so hard to beat. But yet you still keep calling us the "Taints". Makes no sense really.
  9. Because he is a Homer. Saints 11-5 Panthers 10-6 Falcons 9-7 Bucs 8-8
  10. Lol. This would never happen to the Falcons because they will never be good enough to conduct an investigation anyway. Goodell on Falcons, "Ehhh, Just let em play".
  11. I'm happy for the bucs. Now if we sign grubbs we can cut our losses and not skip a beat.
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