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  1. its almost a given! lol well see though saints d has been better up front lately
  2. probaly not but that was my first ban last year! lol ive learned since then
  3. alot of new names in here!!!! lol fwiw, dont post things like... someone is (b....h.... or *** ra***) PS im only warning people so dont ban me again lol
  4. the last two words you wrote are why some of us are getting banned. i was informed not to use that combination of words
  5. IF the packers beat the LIONS, the last thing they will want is to come into the dome the next week
  6. i have two tickets to this game but dont know if ill make it darn it
  7. yea good breakdown. there was one scramble were he made a pass rusher look silly, then hit colston i think for a first.
  8. i dont think reviewable by coaches is right more like college where everything is looked at in the booth. play only stops if he sees something wrong i think human error has to remain a part of the game to me its the rules that need adjusting. like if a def players hand hits a QBs head. Are you serious. the helmet to helmet is going way to far. every big hit is falgged.
  9. Are you one of those quiet people in real life? IM sure you could of came up with alot better than that bro
  10. YEP!!! brees wouldve broke the record before they scored and then wouldve either ran the ball or kneeled
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