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  1. Good to hear positive things about JSW. I heard some mumbles that he wasn't going to turn out.
  2. He played against Clemson's -defense- That said, I'm all for it. I love the idea.
  3. He did. I'm not sure what was up with that either. I'm excited to hear some more news! Is Lee/Beard getting any looks with the first team? Is Burnette getting any looks at center?
  4. Well, against a team that routinely runs 4 and 5 wide (this is my understanding), missing 4 of your top 5 corners (Commings, Smith, Marshall, Sanders) is a great way to get burned. If B. Smith isn't out there, Bowman will be the starter opposite Swann. Not feeling the happy. Edit: Wait, Mitchell is switching to full-time corner? Nevermind we got this. Disregard all prior negativity =)
  5. I'm actually kind of worried about 2013 D. Hopefully we get these young guys a LOT of experience this year. Shouldn't be too difficult when our defense this good as a whole already. 2014 D will be unfair if guys come back.
  6. The better question might be who didn't we offer haha
  7. I definitely agree. I saw the highlight last night while I was sleepy, and that play woke me right up. Do want.
  8. I almost wish you guys didn't have such good info sometimes. How anticlimactic... #UGAProblems But no really, thanks for the heads up
  9. Yeah it just occurred to me that Bell will be missing. That is worrisome.
  10. Come to think of it, we've got waaaay too many guys to even rationally consider B. Smith. I'm with you, Brock. I don't want to see him back there.
  11. My predictions: http://wuog.org/sports/2012/01/31/national-signing-day-preview/
  12. Big John may be the man who gets the ink on this, but he speaks for the entire defense-- they passed on the league too, you know. We're all in this together. One team. One heartbeat. One champion.
  13. ^agreed So glad to have this guy. I can't wait for him to prove the doubters wrong next season. He's just so incredibly talented. I love his balance and his ability to steer through traffic. I think he's a great complement to Marshall and Gurley's abilities. I really want to see a stat for how many 10+ yard gains he picked up. Don't be surprised if the number per carry was among the best in the country. I believe in Crowbar! He's around the absolute best group of guys to motivate and encourage him. GATA Isaiah!
  14. Lurker here. I saw we were playing 2012 starting O line crapshoot so I decided to give it a whirl. LT- Theus LG- Gates C- Burnette RG- Lee RT- Beard What keeps Dantzler, Andrews, and Young on the bench is college-level experience, or lack thereof. Theus will be a frosh, of course, but we need a LT badly, and he's too talented to keep on the bench.
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