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  1. Lots of dudes been compared to Roquan. Let's move on.
  2. BTW "sheep mentality" usually comes up when people wax philosophical about their favorite conspiracy theory. It's a pretty bad argument. Or maybe my brain is being controlled by the 5G towers. 😆
  3. @RandomFan I feel the same way talking to Dawg fans online. People love to criticise without a shred if credibility or experience to them. It's not limited to football either. If you only think about a topic when it comes up at the dinner table, chances are you aren't an expert. Leave it alone. Sorry for the manifesto.
  4. Do we believe that Luke will be the guy at OC when Monk decides to move on?
  5. I've heard in certain circles in the NFL, a "love of the game" mentality is much more important than a business mentality when drafting.
  6. Why didn't he? To save the RS? If so, I really hate that. Dawgs have Vandagriff coming in, and a RS seems like the last thing we needed in the game.
  7. Regardless of how anyone feels about all this, Kirby really needs to open a dialogue with the team and stop the bleeding. Let them speak their mind so folks feel heard and understood.
  8. Let's take some guesses at the QB snap count. I'll go with Dwan: 40, JT: 25, Beck: 6
  9. TLDR: QB battle is "dead even" Current starting OL: Salyer, Hill, Ericson, Cleveland, Condon.
  10. Sure. And if that happens I'll change my mind. Right now I wanna be mad.
  11. 100% I don't blame anyone for protecting their health, but the COVID situation has actually improved in the last month. I can't understand the timing one lick. It feels very unfair to the team.
  12. I know you're a busy guy, but if any of those links should happen to make their way here, I don't think I'd be too upset...
  13. That's massive for helping to reload the secondary talent after expected departures.
  14. I'm assuming there isn't really much media coverage for safety reasons. It'll sure be interesting to see what happens from here on out.
  15. Really glad you were prepared. Good job! Luckily we haven't caught it. I usually have good lung health from playing competitive ultimate, but of course we weren't able to play our season this summer. I've had to make due playing mini-games with a small group of friends.
  16. I'm not getting it. What's the problem? Glad everyone in your family is safe, @SacFalcFan.
  17. hear hear It's not about being PC. It's just being respectful.
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