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  1. The demise of UGA's secondary has been greatly exaggerated! Looking forward to next season with the incredibly talented and capable players we have.
  2. I don't think Big Kat would be good for UGA. With the amount of talent UGA has at the edge position, I think players would become very upset, even if he gives us something we don't have.
  3. The smoke is he's UF, but we really can't say for sure. I'd be surprised if that genuinely is his choice, since it looks like to me he'd be, yet again, chasing last year's success with a completely new offense.
  4. Alright go off then. That's interesting because I'm dating one of "their people," but you do you.
  5. My only concern is Zeus showed a demonstrably bad ability to read his keys. He killed many plays by bouncing on a perfectly licked scheme. I trust the coaches will demand more from him.
  6. I'm sure his focus is on keeping the subscribers he's been able to grab so far. Hopefully he doesn't disservice the quality of his stuff by underselling it on YT.
  7. When people are willing to pay for your product, you sell it. Dude has something that isn't being offered elsewhere in the community. Why wouldn't he use this approach?
  8. It has been suspiciously quiet for Campbell. I thought he'd be long gone by now. Interesting... I wonder if he's seeing Surtain about to go top 10 and knowing that could easily be him if he bets on himself.
  9. Love to see it. Hopefully the team sees him as a leader now going into next season.
  10. Good for him. Go get paid. Let the games begin for next man up.
  11. I was lowkey considering Moore for the Falcons job before the Cowboys took a bad turn. I think he is going to have an incredible career, and it would be a coup for BSU to pull him.
  12. I'm legitimately floored Harbaugh hasn't lost that job.
  13. I'm also just thinking about him setting the edge. That **** ain't going nowhere!
  14. You know how much I value your opinion, but do you think he's got enough speed for that role? His motor is spectacular, but his play strength is his biggest asset imo. I think he's a SDE.
  15. I can't help but think of my poor father, who is an Aubie/Falcon fan and thought he was finally rid of DQ. 😅
  16. To me, this situation epitomizes the "give it to the QB of the best team" mentality. If we are all really going to lie to ourselves this much about who the most outstanding player for Alabama is, I would sooner give it to Trevor or Justin.
  17. I'm irrationally angry Smith won't get the nod over Mac
  18. This is the kind of outcome I hope to avoid in these situations. He shouldn't be coaching, but I don't want to ruin the guy's life. People make mistakes.
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