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  1. I've heard from some that this indicates we missed on some bigger fish (figuratively, of course). He's a project, but the Dawgs have the depth right now to take some of those. Folks on campus right now can help us for a long time.
  2. Based on what I've heard, this could be bad info. No guarantees either way though.
  3. I assume the B12 is going to get chunked up with the P12 and B10, with the mid majors fighting over whatever's left.
  4. These NIL deals for UGA are producing some eye-popping numbers. Those USC kids are gonna wake up when they see.
  5. I think you'll see more of this with NIL. Time on the bench now costs you money.
  6. Thanks for the info, G. By lil major I assume we mean coffee cup kid?
  7. Am I crazy for thinking UGA is more marketable right now than USC? I mean... https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-much-is-your-college-football-team-worth-11546875092 I don't think it's a stretch at all to say revenues to the program are highly correlated with potential player brand value.
  8. Help me understand. How is California's NIL law any different from Georgia's?
  9. Some have said this is an indicator that Blaylock is expected to contribute. Hopefully that's true.
  10. Looks like a fitting replacement for Burns. He will have a chance to contribute right away at safety and corner and should be a big part of the defense going forward.
  11. Wow, horrible. It's impossible to adequately convey what he means to Hawai'i football. What a loss.
  12. Congrats to UGA winning a national championship in disc golf! They won in a sudden death playoff in the pouring rain!
  13. The reason Aussies keep showing in the special teams game is because punting is a big part of Aussie rules football. Place kicking, not so much. So without knowing anything about the kid, I'll guess just the punting. For your enjoyment:
  14. Dawgs pulled Aussie punter, Brett Thorson. Noice.
  15. Rusty Mansell has forecasted Tykee Smith to Georgia.
  16. Pay no attention to the Isaiah Wilson behind the curtain 😅 Excellent pickup!
  17. Rusty and Fong just put their CB in for Tennessee RB Jordan James to the good guys. https://247sports.com/Player/Jordan-James-46081798/
  18. Ok lol, here's one viable method. There's more than one way. This one will be for searching Tenor.com. Visit the website and search for a description of a gif you'd like. Like this. Click the one you want, and you'll go to a new page. Right click the gif and select "copy image location" or similar. This is the exact web location of the gif file. Generally we want the file location (URL), not the page. The page URL will sometimes work because the tool is smart. But some websites will be obnoxious and not let you get to the physical file location. It is what it is. Just come back to the message board post editor you always use and right click -> paste that value. It should turn into a gif right there in the editor. And post!
  19. The tool is smart enough that all you need to do is paste a compatible gif URL. Couldn't be simpler.
  20. There is no silver lining to George's injury, but maybe Blaylock will be back to form?
  21. Don't sleep on Cook. I expect a different gear out of him this year.
  22. Even though nose tackles are a bit unappreciated these days, Jordan really deserves more love from the draft community.
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