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  1. Simmons is one of the most versatile players in the draft. He'd be great at SAM.
  2. Ok ok ok last one I promise
  3. I've provided a few DGDs to absolve me of my Florida sins
  4. Anyone else have thoughts on Corner? Im surprised more folks aren't going that way with early picks.
  5. But then again, TD would sooner drop dead than trade down in the first
  6. The trade down for LB sounds viable to me. It would be great to snag another 2nd in this draft.
  7. Do you think Terrell and Diggs are day 1 starters? Who is your take at 16 if Henderson and Kinlaw are gone?
  8. Less worried than if we don't have an every-down corner. In this division you need great DBs. It's just not an option to me. Henderson wasn't available in this draft, but he'd be viable as well.
  9. Running back a question for the future, but I think a ton gets addressed with this draft. Gurley buys the Falcons some time to patch pressing needs.
  10. That's funny. I too have had Brown fall to me more frequently than Henderson. Out of curiosity, what is your plan for CB in this scenario? Surely we don't intend Amik to be the day 1 starter?
  11. That's two DL taken very early. Are we anticipating they'll finish with a much higher rank? Not that a top 150 player isn't good enough xD
  12. No question, West Georgia is pretty contentious territory between Aubie and UGA
  13. Last Douglasville dawg was Herrien. If Jefferson has half the commitment of Herrien, he will be a DGD!
  14. Today the family made a game of rolling a tire down a hill to see if we could make it through the open barn door. Guess who was the only one who couldn't do it at least once...
  15. Bummer that no one can practice right now. Or can they? @everyone blink twice if you know the team is getting in workouts on the sly