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  1. Those who watch Brooks Austin will know he has a different read on this mechanic. He thinks that JT is doing this intentionally because Aaron Rodgers does it, but believes it is poor technique that will limit his deep balls, as we saw Saturday with a few underthrows. Yes, ARod has managed to make it work, but he's the only person ever to do so.
  2. this is the internet, no positivity allowed! 😄
  3. I've seen it said that there was likely a small setback when they had to go under the knife again to clean up his knee earlier this year.
  4. I can see this comparison isn't going to get us anywhere, so let's stick to the main point. The team who wins this weekend will claim a legitimate victory. Every game, 2020 or otherwise, has its "should haves" and "could haves", but like always they will fall on deaf ears.
  5. I’d be shocked if he’s not a Dawg
  6. "We have... FLORIDA!" LMFAO y'all gonna get me in trouble, I'm howling!
  7. lol Mullen has already started whining about A&M being able to have more fans in the stands UF constantly worried about things other than playing football well. SMH.
  8. Good thing we have the best OLB room in college. Johnson might need surgery for his shoulder.
  9. Lots of dudes been compared to Roquan. Let's move on.
  10. BTW "sheep mentality" usually comes up when people wax philosophical about their favorite conspiracy theory. It's a pretty bad argument. Or maybe my brain is being controlled by the 5G towers. 😆
  11. @RandomFan I feel the same way talking to Dawg fans online. People love to criticise without a shred if credibility or experience to them. It's not limited to football either. If you only think about a topic when it comes up at the dinner table, chances are you aren't an expert. Leave it alone. Sorry for the manifesto.
  12. Do we believe that Luke will be the guy at OC when Monk decides to move on?
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