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  1. Oklahoma, Clemson, and Ohio State don't have a "future QB situation"? I'll take that bet.
  2. Somebody must have made a mistake and posted Travis Kelce film instead! xD Dude is an absolute machine, look at him go.
  3. I feel like this could happen to anybody with the resources to get a boot off. Might have just tossed the boot in his car without thinking.
  4. https://twitter.com/dreshunmiller/status/1359991576584327177?s=21 This is an interesting one. From Marietta. Could be interested in following Addae to Athens.
  5. Yeah I saw a rumor about 5-star Grimes transferring, and idk if the Dawgs would jump at even that. Kirby and staff loves the corners they picked up in this cycle. There is no shortage of young talent.
  6. Despite all the pressure, Kirby isn't even a big sacks guy. He prefers is more about converting that pressure into offensive mistakes.
  7. He has quietly become one of the premier DL coaches in the SEC.
  8. Boooooom!! At worst Dawgs will bat .500 today!
  9. Interesting. Not what I've heard, but I am wrong frequently. Either way, I'll hope for the best, and we've got Kirby at the plate.
  10. True that. But here's some more guessing anyway xD Usually when I see schools pitching a position, and another school is pitching corner... The school pitching corner wins those.
  11. I love that he acknowledged that because of the portal, you never know who you'll be competing with, so it's silly to try and run away from it. Seems like a mature kid who just wants to compete, work, and win.
  12. He wanted to the the main cog on offense. Just seems like a "me" guy. I'd prefer a "we" guy. On to the next one!
  13. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't hate the Fields convo so long as we have 6 months between iterations lol Its definitely the most firey UGA debate of the Kirby era.
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