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  1. hear hear It's not about being PC. It's just being respectful.
  2. Perfect timing to add another! Jamon Dumas-Johnson committed!
  3. I believe that the current consensus is he will commit to UNC, but many believe in Kirby in the long run
  4. Okay, I'll say it. Simmons comp?
  5. Wasn't Morris a recent transfer to Carrollton? Maybe that is what they are referring to.
  6. I don't claim to know him or his situation. But I do remember chatter about him not liking Clemson's "no visits" policy, and "It's far from home" plays much better in the public sphere than "I want to take my visits".
  7. I think this checks the boxes for offseason drama. Former player (Kanyon Tuttle) is alleging that Dabo allowed the use of a racial slur (yes, that one) by a coach toward a player during practice.
  8. That's been the comp a few folks are making. You obviously have to temper expectations and say "poor man's" Burrow. But the skillset is there. Heady QB who is able to escape the pocket and use his above average arm on the move. He started as a freshman at Mater Dei, which is a HS known for having a playbook with college complexity. Won a NC there too, I believe.
  9. Kipp put in his CB. Looks for the moment like it's happening!
  10. I'm a Carrollton Football alumnus, and I referenced a source with ties to Chaz and it only backs up everything @youngbloodz has been saying. Dude has a great head on his shoulders, and he's all business. I'm excited to see what he becomes! Go Dawgs and go Trojans!
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