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  1. I'd break out the black unis in a big game or not at all. It comes off as scared when we do it against a no-name opponent.
  2. I think all folks are saying is that Bama has one of the most outrageous casts of offensive perimeter players the college world has ever seen. In an environment like that, judging which pieces are more important is difficult. Awards aren't a scouting assessment. Tua's talent level (ceiling) is clear-- he could be the next Russell Wilson or even better. It's just difficult to say right now. In other news, the Vegas line in favor of UGA has broadened to TWO ENTIRE TOUCHDOWNS WOW. You can make an argument that's made even more impressive by the fact/fallacy that ND gets a lot of bets from folks who stan for them regardless of the line or opponent, affecting the line from being too anti-ND.
  3. As deep as we are at LB, we should be looking like Dawn of the Dead runners jetting into that backfield. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I'm very excited to see this defense turned loose.
  4. I'm interested to hear the status of Wilson for this game
  5. That's a clown question, bro. Great response by McBride. DGD.
  6. Sadly Clemson can afford to tell him he can play any crazy position he wants. He'll realize on his own how competitive WR is, and he'll grow tired of not seeing the field. Gross.
  7. Good lord, he's an animal
  8. I eagerly await your superior player grades
  9. That's excellent for Trey! I'm not sure how the defense gets no mention whatsoever.
  10. Utk fans have reached peak self deprecation. This is the one that broke them.
  11. I'm with you, but UGA's great ambition will color people's attitudes. And the cumulative Falcons/Dawgs blue balls.
  12. Hate it for him. If there's any silver lining, the team can point to Nauta and Trenton as cautionary tales. We want guys to go to the NFL, but not when there's a risk of getting cut.
  13. Just win, baby.
  14. DGD
  15. Arik Gilbert eat your heart out.