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  1. Of course the Gumps are saying he is in the bag for them too We'll know for sure soon enough.
  2. Domino number 1 Pittman please never leave
  3. If we add Blaylock and Haselwood to this list, we gon be fine =)
  4. So every guy who comes thru UGA and earns spot starts without winning the job outright is a waste? Okay then.
  5. So I assume he would have retired even if GT won then?
  6. Hoping these kids can learn from Thompson. Not directed at anyone, but draft grades ain't **** to disregard.
  7. It is with hesitation that I open up this Pandora's box again, but here goes. If we had a QB we had more faith in, it seems like this offense would be more Oklahoma-esque. Not that there is a problem. But we will really need to have the ability to sling it around the yard if we want to win 3 more games with the defensive competition we're looking at. I hate always playing this game where we mull the usage of our talented ball-catchers.
  8. It may be slightly overplayed that Downtown Athens is undefeated... but it always has a puncher's chance.
  9. Hear hear. Barn has had 2 wide receivers drafted in the last 10 years. Ricardo Louis and Sammy Coates.
  10. Dear 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus...
  11. Yup. Some of those late misses like Adams and Brown have added up. We're paying the piper now.
  12. To me, that's the biggest benefit of the 8 team format. Each P5 Champion can have an auto-bid, removing the animosity that has been brewing over the last 15 or so years. My personal conflict comes from wanting to reward the "clear top teams" like we have this year. And also from the question "Who honestly deserves to be considered as the best team?" Unless Georgia beats Bama, they don't.
  13. I'll say this is the first year in recent memory that an 8 team playoff has appealed to me. Not sure if I care for the extra game, but I'd defer my opinion to that of the players who arguably earn no reward from the change. The 6-team playoff would also make sense this year.
  14. Source: