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  1. Yall love the shiny object route. Pitts ain't gonna be what everyone thinks he will be...Not even close...
  2. Nah. those are facts. Ryan has been in the leauge too long not to be able to call his own shots when necessary....
  3. They have a starting QB as a back up. If you remember teddy was a pretty good QB before his injury. It just took him a few games to get back in the groove.
  4. Agree, but with the way theses contracts are being handed out ( mistakingly imo ), if we don't pay him, I think it's back to square one with the d-line because the best player on that d-line will be gone.
  5. I'm take Ito over Freeman. ITO pass protects 100% better and catches better. If he come back he should have mop up duties. If they give him important snaps he will miss a block which will result in a turnover. I guarantee it.
  6. Who we should have beat twice....So that Superbowl Champ jargon don't fly with me.
  7. This is very true. Dude needs to get it together and use the other good receiver he has. Sanu......wide the ^%%$ open in the endzone and he throws into double coverage... That is a ROOKIE mistake. A 11yr veteran doing that? Come on man!!! Herm Edwards said it best...You play to win the game..... Don't know what Ryan is playing for...
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