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  1. I just dont think he's a very refined pass rusher. Nothing about his game stands out and screams at me. He's all speed and has literally zero moves. His college tape actually reminds me a bit of Beasley.
  2. I dont Thibodeaux is going to be the kind of player that people think he can be. I dont see it.
  3. He's been wrecking shop all year. Run game, pass game, everything.
  4. Who here would have thought a 3rd round RT, who was viewed as a project player, and moved to LG would get more snaps than the highest drafted TE of all time?
  5. Great. Now I feel like I'm having to watch the Falcons twice this week.
  6. Yea, I was just being facetious. His WR's have let him down quite a bit tonight.
  7. Daniel Jones would be a completely different QB if he had even a single half-decent WR.
  8. Daniel Jones is the most misunderstood QB in the NFL.
  9. Tried to watch this and just couldnt do it. Too much High School teen drama and not enough football. All them kids need their parents to beat their *****.
  10. If anyone can find a metric that states the percentage of snaps Philly was able to generate pressure on Matt w/ a 4-man rush, I'd appreciate it. I know the NFL average for pressuring the QB on a 4-man rush is about 29%. It seemed like Philly had to have been around 70% on Sunday. Kinda telling when your LG posts the lowest pass protection grade ever recorded (1.4)
  11. He's shown flashes here and there, but for the most part, he stinks. I want to see a heavy commitment to bringing in legitimate OL help next year.
  12. That’s disrespectful to road cones. At least they do their jobs.
  13. None of the above. He was just saying that when you have a chance to take a highly regarded QB in the draft, and decide not to do so, it'll always sit in the back of your mind. I just dont know why all of the sudden, after spending the entire offseason putting unrealistic expectations on him, people in the media are making assertations that Smith may not have ever wanted Pitts. I still firmly believe that their #1 guy was Lance, but to think that Smith didnt want Pitts would be ridiculous.
  14. Actually, it wasn’t. He was very much seen as a project guy.
  15. Bringing Andrews in to be our starting LG was a bad move. Allowing Mayfield to start this game against the Eagles DL after his incredibly poor performance against 3rd stringers in the preseason was a failure. not sliding help his way after seeing him getting beaten like a drum over and over and over again was straight up incompetence. If they don’t make a move for a LG this week, I’ll be mystified.
  16. We need to try to trade fowler and use the $6M in savings to make a move for a LG that can start.
  17. It'd be a Falcons move to take a QB top 5 in a weak QB class. Spencer Rattler is going to be a mega-bust in the NFL. He's barely passible in college.
  18. I blame AS and TF for not going after a LG knowing full well he wasnt ready. We watched him struggle mightily in the preseason against 3rd stringers.
  19. No. I'd rather just hire some folks from AFMB to finish out the season.
  20. He can say what he wants, but If it isnt "I coached like a ***** today" he's incorrect.
  21. We had free blitzers get in the backfield quite a lot today.
  22. Trust me, Dont want in that club. Made no sense, from a financial perspective, to take one this year.
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