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  1. I’d be willing to bet that right now he’s thinking to himself about how he just doesn’t want to play ball anymore.
  2. The amount of hate I know Simmons is going to get makes me feel a little bad for him. Mainly because even he will know it’s justifiable.
  3. Bucks will be tough, but I like our chances.
  4. Imagine paying $150M for a player you don’t want on the court in this situation. Ridiculous.
  5. If Huerter had 8 of Trae’s shots tonight, Games already over.
  6. Capela back on the floor and Embiid starts taking over again. Go figure.
  7. OO keeping Embiid shook just like he has for the last 3 games. Embiid dont look like himself when OO’s on the floor.
  8. OO’s been awesome on defense too. I like how he plays Embiid.
  9. He’s making some nice passes into the paint, but he’s taking awful shots tonight.
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