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  1. Gotta realize these guys were 1st round picks based on perceived potential. It's likely coaches still see some of that potential that drove their selections. I seriously doubt anyone really paid much attention to the fact that they were all 1st rounders.
  2. If he plays at Trufant's rookie level, we'll be in good shape. Here's to hoping.
  3. He's probably only matched by Neal and his vicious hits.
  4. I target Matt every year. In my cash league he typically lasts until round 6 or 7.
  5. To be fair: "I don't like to wish ill on any player, but take him out at the knees Kaleb." doesn't really read as satire.
  6. I aint gonna hate on a rival player for doing something I'd praise one of our guys for. He's earned the right to talk ****. It's up to us to shut him up.
  7. LMAO, there is no world in which Julio isnt already an HOF player.
  8. But without the annual preseason let down game, how are people supposed to overreact and claim that 0-16 is staring us in the face?
  9. I'm not trying to come after you, but how in the holy heck do you consider Norwood to be your favorite Falcon? Dont get me wrong, he was exciting when he was on the field, but I dont think most fans would have him in their top 20.
  10. You are only worth what someone is willing to pay you.
  11. He had a solid 20% rate of not sucking.
  12. Vic making the all decade team is a testament to how crappy we have been at finding pass rushers. We havent drafted a true stud at DE in decades. Let that sink in.
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