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  1. My anniversary gift is on its way Been wanting an LP for a long time, but I absolutely despise Gibson.
  2. Id rather watch a game at your place than the Benz...LOL
  3. Why is it always some flukey stuff that derails us? Dude stumbling on the LOS and accidentally filling a hole that would have gotten us a 1st down and enabled us to milk the clock Harry Douglas tripping on his own 2 feet (I still feel genuine anger at this) The Edelman catch Julio slipping on the rollout
  4. No Joke. Dude is really good at every game I've ever seen him play. Like top 10% of the population good. If he had the time to invest into it year-round, he'd make waves.
  6. No, didn't think to. Doubt he'd know for sure. At this point i think it's safe to assume it'll be closer to draft time.
  7. Think it's a fake. Every Deion autograph I can find on google, he does the "S" as a Dollar Sign.
  8. I think everyone in the organization has seen them.
  9. Just said that he's positive we'll like them and that they are fire. Didnt wanna push him for details that he's not allowed to give.
  10. I talked to Kurt Benkert on his stream last night and he thought they were fire
  11. If the Texans traded him to NE, they would be digging their own grave. Trading him is stupid. Trading him to the most successful dynasty in NFL history who just so happens to be in your conference is window-licker level stupidity.
  12. I dont necessarily agree that we were a lightning in a bottle team in '16. I think we were built for the long-haul, but the Shanny departure killed it all.
  13. Sark is the 1st OC Matt ever had that didnt go on to become a head coach....let that sink in. Perhaps he would have been much better had he not been pigeon-holed into recreating the Shanny Offense, but we'll never know.