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  1. I'll talk some **** about some design decisions on the uniform, but that helmet is mean AF. Really like it.
  2. I'll be interested in seeing the gradient jersey's sales between the adult sizes and youth sizes.
  3. 1:13 Gradient socks shown as a uniform option for the all whites...Hope that never comes to be.
  4. I dont dislike them any more than the last ones we had
  5. More photos here. Has ridley in the new uniforms. Particularly photo number 78.
  6. They messed up the number font IMO. Dont like that some numbers are pointy and some arent,. Looks really weird w/ Jarret's number. Almost like 2 different fonts. Ridleys 18 is ugly too.
  7. I'd avoid having the number 9 in my jersey number like it was the plague.The #1 rule in choosing a font is for it to look good for every number. I believe they missed the mark there. The difference between the 9 and 7 looks almost like two completely different fonts.
  8. You should know by now that, to consumers, the branding of a product is sadly more important than the product itself. That's why companies spend millions on product packaging. Its rough for die-hards, which most of us on this board are, when the team you love rebrands to something you hate. Doubt you'll see people here jumping ship, but if they hate the uniform/teams appearance, the "overreactions" are justified.
  9. To them it could be worse than 28-3. They only had to live through 28-3 once. If they hate these uniforms this have to look at them 17 times a year.
  10. I think the easy fix would be to just remove the stripe from the red pants. Having the stripe flow into the pants wouldnt be bad. They could just get rid of the stripe on all of em though and it's probably look better.
  11. So calling people "babies", "childish" and dismissing any and all criticism as overreation isnt a veieled way of telling people that their perceptions are wrong? Ok, Mod.
  12. Fix the jumbo sized numbers, make the ATL smaller and just remove the gradient jersey alltogether and I would like them. The White/Black, Black/White,White/Red would be nice if they did the above,
  13. The black on white one would look good if the numbers were regular sized and the "ATL" wasnt there/or smaller.
  14. Your constant need to tell people how they should percieve something is more annoying than the "overreactions".
  15. The Atlanta Falcons organization must get a massive hard-on at the thought of its fanbase being mercilessly ridiculed.