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  1. Yea, about as bad as "Embrace the suck" As a military guy, I appreciate the phrase in the context that the SEALs use it. But it just doesnt correspond to an NFL team. It's almost like saying "Accept the fact that we suck".
  2. I love how direct and simplistic he is as a speaker. A lot of coaches try to stroke their own ego w/ stupid catch-phrases and by providing these huge ideological answers to relatively simple football questions. Meanwhile Pat asks coach Smith "How do we get the Atlanta Falcons back in the Big Picture. and coach responds "well, ya gotta win. It's not some magical speech". 😂😂 😂😂
  3. Even more reason to trade back and obtain extra picks this year. The common theme is that trading back is the best option for both current and future success. Whether anyone views this draft class as weak or strong, trading back igets you where you want to be.
  4. I'd be happy AF with getting Sweat, 19 and their 2nd. Get a DE that shows a lot of Promise to be great Get Najee at 19 Then have the potential to take guys like Asante Samuel Jr and Andre Cisco in the 2nd. Could completely change the face of the team.
  5. I think he's the best pure passer in the draft. IMO, it's really not even close either. If he goes to a team that's even remotely competent in developing young QB's, I think he could go down as the best in this class.
  6. Not sure how a cross of Ryan and Jimmy G would look... Durable but fragile? Field general but a game manager? Consistent yet inconsistent?
  7. It's attractive in 2 ways. 1. Teams that arent looking for a QB. It's pretty likley that the highest rated player on several teams draft boards will still be there at #4. 2. Teams that are looking for a QB. It's also likely that at least 2 QB's will go before pick 4. There's going to be a team out there that will be licking their chops for either Fields or Wilson.
  8. Even more reason to trade back and acquire extra picks next year
  9. It's been so long since we've had good FS play, I'd rather pay for a proven guy in FA than go through another experimental phase.
  10. I'm not confusing it with an extension. If we restructure Matthews again, his cap hit will increase next year. And how do you figure it doesnt add to his dead money? Restructuring a player absolutely increases his dead money hit.
  11. And then you are spreading that bonus out for the remaining years of his contract, thereby increasing his cap hits in the following years....AGAIN, kicking the can down the road. I do like Matthews. He's a solid LT, but the resources he's eating for the next couple of years is ridiculous. If the league decides to split the revenue loss over the next 3 years, and we restructure Jake again, it's gonna hurt next year.
  12. You're right, I may not understand it to the level of an NFL exec, but I do understand it enough to know that Jake Matthews eating up over $20M in resources this year is absolutely ridiculous. I also understand it enough to know that his cap hit has gotten out of hand because he restructured last year. I understand it enough to know that if you keep restructuring and pushing cap hits into the future, it'll eventually bite you in the ***.
  13. Like I've already told you countless times, nobody cares about anything but the cap, and Jake Matthews having the largest cap hit of any OT in the league in 2021 is a joke. At some point, you have to admit that money has been poorly spent on this team, and it aint all on the nickel and dime pieces.
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