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  1. If we took him I'd guess McGary would slide inside to RG and Lindstrom would kick over to LG. Not sure I'd want to bring in a rookie that forces our 1st round sophomores to start essentially start over in a new spot.
  2. A LOT of people on this board wanted Watt. Would be willing to bet that if they let the board decide the pick, Watt would be a Falcon.
  3. Bullsheet. Dude put up 8 sacks his rookie year (including playoffs) while playing 38% of the defensive snaps. He put up 7 sacks, 7 TFL and 15 QB hits as a sophomore while playing 57% of the defensive snaps and finishing second in the league for pressure rating. Had a down year due to injury this year but still 13 QB hits and 7 TFL on 53% of the defensive snaps. He flat-out wins his matchups more often than not. Put him on a team with solid coverage and watch what he does. If you want to go at him for his production this year, so be it, but dont sit up here acting like the guy has done ****-all for his 3 year career. It amazes me that some of you people sat here and clamored for Michael Bennett for 5 years and now bash Takk for his "lack of production". It's ridiculous.
  4. If you look at him objectively rather than "hurrr duuurrr sack totalzzz" you'll see he's clearly making strides towards becoming a consistent disruptor. IMO, his biggest question mark is his availability, not pass rush skillset.
  5. Writing off Takk is silly
  6. Sad thing is that even if we had gotten him, he'd likely still be an unknown for us, just like Cominsky is currently. We absolutely wasted huge money on Vic.
  7. I cant stand Tabeek. He comes off as such an effing doucher.
  8. Blank needs to write this response down in a notepad, carry it with him everywhere, and read it verbatim every time he's asked a question regarding a player. I've never seen an owner sabotage his own franchise in contract negotiations so often.
  9. I wouldnt put Wentz, Cousins, Stafford or Tannehill over him.
  10. No. Its fiscally stupid.
  11. Did Mike Smith come back? The young OL need to set their roots and grow where they have been planted. Moving them around would be stupid.
  12. Would be a good protege for Julio. Very similar skill-sets.
  13. Now we only need to get to #3 for Chase!!!!
  14. Paying that dude that much is going to cripple them. Get it done Jerry!
  15. IMO, it's foolish to pay $10M to a 3rd recieving option when you already have Julio and Calvin. We have too many holes on the defense. We need a legit edge rusher, LT, DT and possibly SS way more than we need a 3rd recieving option.
  16. I met him on a USO tour along with Grady, Matt Bryant, Worrilow and Quinn in the offseason before his 16 sack year. He kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Seemed like he had no interest in being there or conversing with the fans. Grady, Matt and DQ were all upbeat and positive and seemed to enjoy it for what it was. Vic just sat off to the side like he couldn't be bothered.
  17. Chaisson. Can play edge or drop back as an OLB.
  18. Dont know about any of that, I'm just glad he isnt stealing our Cap Dollars any more.
  19. If we re-sign Campbell, I'm gonna be pissed. We can do so much better.
  20. I think Jaeden Graham has the ability to step in
  21. Using points scored in a super bowl to discredit a coach...C'mon man.
  22. This one is all on Shanny. DQ gets the lions-share of the blame for ours. It was his responsibility as the HC to reel him in. He also ran the defense that allowed 31 points in about 17 minutes or whatever it was.
  23. I'd bring him backin a heart beat. Matt Ryan wins that game, no question.