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  1. Mahomes already threw for 380 and 3 TD's against Jalen Ramsey's team this year. If he didnt stop them from putting up 40 there, what's gonna be any different coming here?
  2. I want tough, mean and nasty players on defense. I don't want pricks who draw attention to themselves, think it's all about them and act like they are bigger than the team.
  3. We smoke em, 34-13.
  4. I'll take Kazee any day of the week. He's a drastic improvement to Poole.
  5. The best part about that play was that he called it pre-snap. The hit was amazing, but the fact that he ran up and let the corner know what was coming was the coolest thing.
  6. His annual stinker game resulted in a win. Hopefully it's out of his system now.
  7. I'd like to apologize to Isiah Oliver. Dude balled out there.
  8. Says the guy that initiated the quotes. It's a school night kid. Go to bed.
  9. Yes i defended OUR quarterback on not taking a safety on a lame duck pass caused by an untouched safety on a telegraphed blitz.
  10. Already said it was a stupid throw. Why are you being a dou---? Just for the sake of being one?
  11. Now that was a stupid throw
  12. Yea a joke that a free safety tell telegraphed his blitz and still came through untouched and hit or qb in literally less than a second. Matt had literally nowhere else to go. Had to throw the ball square to the line, couldn't step up and took a hit. He holds it, its a safety .
  13. Dude didn't even have one second in that pocket. Couldn't even set his feet and rotate his torso before taking the hit. I swear half if yall don't even pay a lick if attention to the duress he gets under. Yet Julio who didn't even look back for thr ball gets no blame.