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  1. It just irks me that our players have to continuously be the face of blowing that game, while the real culprit is chillin' over in San Francisco.
  2. Not really a candid photo when half the people in it are posing for the shot, LOL.
  3. Ahhh, ok. I think until he gets more grabs than Sanu that's gonna have to be something he lives with. I think most people consider the 2 recievers with the most catches to be the "Tandem". Ill say this though, we dang sure have the best trio.
  4. Slot is a position, not your assigned number in QB's progression. For example, Victor Cruz was the slot in NY when he was tearing it up, but he was still the #1 target for their offense. Just because you're the slot doesn't mean you are the #3 option. Julio lines up inside on quite a few plays and he's definitely not the #3 man.
  5. I remember his Sandy Hook twitter rant. Hopefully the guy can get the help he obviously needs.
  6. Is there a video of him running the 3-Cone anywhere? Did a look on youtube and his combine vids dont show the drill. I have a very hard time believing he ran a legit 7.4 when a significantly slower Taco Charlton ran a 7.1. Did he slip? Did he get a poor start? Did he run it clean? I dont no, but it doesnt seem to me at all like he could possibly run it that slow.
  7. Most redditors wanted us to take Lamp at 31, so......
  8. I normally agree with your synopsis but not here. 7th rounder as an outside corner, maybe. As a FS, nope.
  9. FS for sure. Elite in zone coverage with fantastic ball skills. Fell because he's a weak man corner and is completely incapable of playing press.
  10. Scouting report on him says he has a mean streak and is an attacking blocker. Adapt at pulling and getting to the 2nd level. Sounds good for a zone guy.
  11. The sad part is that a lot of Saints fans actually feel that they are putting together the best Saints draft ever right now. Meanwhile every **** report coming out is about them getting absolutely fleeced on the players they want. Passing on Hooker for Lattimore was stupid. Especially since they went Safety in round 2 anyway. Hokker and Sidney Jones (Trufant clone) >>>> Lattimore and Williams, IMO. And I think most would agree. Got fleeced hard on EDGE for their 32nd pick and had to settle for a LT that probably wont even start and doesn't do anything for their putrid defense. In the 3rd took a RB, who I like, but doesnt fit in their personnel grouping. Got fleeced again and took A LB that has never stayed healthy, and an intriguing small school edge guy. Overall they absolutely should have gone Edge w/ their 1st pick and I think everyone besides them knows it.
  12. I have not understood the OG desire that's been running rampant. Schweitzer took Chester all the way to the end of camp as a 6th round rookie last year and **** near won the job. I think w/ another offseason in the books he'll fill in nicely and be an upgrade to what chester was last year.
  13. Soooooo....where do we play Riley???