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  1. How's that drive on Sark? He didn't let Bennett run right by him untouched or cause a false start. Some of yall put blame in the most ridiculous places.
  2. Legit question, have we sniffed out a screen a single time this season?
  3. I don't know if he's hurt or what but he's definitely not playing nearly as well as he's capable of. He's also dropping an unusual amount of easy passes. If he changed his off-season routine, he needs to change it back.
  4. Who dares stand up for Armstrong this week?
  5. I though the call was decent, Marvin hall just tipped it up.
  6. Maybe Sark has turned the corner. Last week looked good and one of the best called drives of the season to open this game.
  7. LOL if you don't think this lies on Armstrong. We've had several returners and they have all SEEMINGLY made the exact same boneheaded decisions. Fair catching with plenty of return room, letting the ball bounce with the defense in position to down it, COUNTLESS penalties wiping out great returns. 100% its on Armstrong, id bet my house on it right now.
  8. Dude's a joke. Seriously, he should be banned from calling Cowboy's games from here on out. Dude sounded 100% identical to a pissed off message board member. He literally made Fox television station his own personal message board rant thread from the announcers booth. Just found it funny considering how obvious it was tonight.
  9. Wouldn't these constant missed opportunities and failures to execute point to a problem with how the players are coached or how they practice? Sark didn't call a bad game, but there is something fundamentally wrong with the preparation and execution of this offense.
  10. If you are able of staying in the game and blowing past your defender, getting WIDE OPEN, you are healthy enough to catch a effing football.
  11. Obvious Uncalled hold on Grady
  12. Perfectly clear uncalled block in the back on debo.
  13. Debo made an awful read on that TD
  14. You are truly a moron if you put that on Ryan.