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  1. People want us to have a Patriot-like view when it comes to the roster, but nobody wants us to make the BB decisions when it comes to cutting ties w/ players. People want to continue paying out the *** for skill position guys and wonder why we cant solidify our trenches.
  2. If the draft fell like this, I'd beg and plead for a trade back. My no1 target is Ford., but if he's gone and Oliver, Simmons, Lawerence and Wilkins are all still there, moving back for an extra 2nd would be too good to pass up.
  3. He called the play that put them in this alignment, hence why I said the RPO playcall was stupid. You call a timeout here and come back with your goalline set and pound that ***** in.
  4. Because when you have Lynch in that situation, you let him win you the game. No trickery or fancy-pants plays needed. That play call was a pure example of an OC outsmarting themselves.
  5. If I'm being honest, calling an RPO there was just as stupid.
  6. id rather invest the money into the lines than on skill position players, so whatever.
  7. Wont catch me saying a bad word about him. He did a lot to help make this team a relevant one and really helped turn around the Franchise.
  8. I'm like Crimson. I refuse to let the state of the Falcons affect me on a personal level. I'll still get up, kiss my wife, hug my kids and go about life as I normally do. I'm not the one on the field calling or making plays. There's literally nothing I can do to control it. It's not my livlihood, nor is my responsibility.
  9. So in a moment of happiness for Taints fans, you still feel the need to come to this board seeking validation from us. Sounds like a lack of confidence mixed with some underlying daddy issues.
  10. The Packers are Wisconsin's team and is marketed as such. The Falcons really don't seem to care about the state of GA outside of the atlanta metro area, despite the rest of the state being where the majority of fans reside. Everything is about the city. "We want to bring this city a championship." "We represent this city." etc. They need to start representing Georgia as a whole, like the Dawgs.
  11. How is a CB getting in a receivers chest and riding him down the field not a PI?
  12. Same, But Hill is just extra douchey
  13. I honestly wouldn't mind watching someone throw Taysom Hill on the ground, ripping his helmet off and pummel his frigging face in. Cant stand that clown.