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  1. Sure, you guys can pick on us.. I mean, we only lost our head coach for a full season, assistant head coach, and general manager for almost half of the season, and installed a new defensive coach/scheme in the mix to top it off. No big deal, right? It's amazing that we were in games like we were all season long. ****, we stopped your undefeated season dead in its tracks.. We'll see how the Falcons stack up in a playoff environment against some pretty raw/tallented teams in the NFC. Even if you manage to make it to the big game, do you think Atlanta has what it takes to beat the Patriots or
  2. I have found a new hatred for the 49ers that didn't exist before this game.. But, we got outplayed, and became one dimensional once Thomas was cold knocked out. Even still, with 5 turnovers, and Brees throwing for his life, we had the lead with a minute and 37 left. To blitz, and play man coverage in that situation is just beyond me..
  3. I've been asking the same thing all season.. What is it with these refs and the phantom/no-calls? The Saints got robbed earlier this season a LOT. At some point, I just had to laugh.. because it was either that, or throw something at the TV.
  4. And, as far as Brees.. The o-line got a good push, and he would have had the 1st down even if he didn't extend the ball. He clearly fell with the ball, past the 1st down marker. I just went back and watched the play on DVR. The only questionable spot that I saw was Colston.. He was short of the marker, but it was close. The refs gave him a favorable spot. Criminal? No.. But, it happens.
  5. Are you guys seriously going to pull the ref card here? The Saints got RAPED this year, so many times.. I mean, some of the games you just had to laugh, because you couldn't do anything else about what the refs were calling. ****, a few games ago, Harper got a PF for roughing, and he didn't even TOUCH the guy. He flew over him and missed. He still got the call. There were TONS of bad calls against the Saints throughout the season. And as far as this Lions game.. How about the no-call against the Lions for a horse collar tackle on Brees? Or, the no-call when Thomas was body slammed long a
  6. lol.. He loves Juicy Fruit. The guy is obsessed with it. So, I chopped in a big pick of the stuff from when he hoisted the Lombardi in '09.
  7. Wow.. You guys still angry about that loss, huh? You're going to blame this Lions loss on the refs? Really? There were terrible calls/no-calls on BOTH sides. How about the no-call on the body slam of Thomas, long after the whistle? How about the no-call on the horse collar and face mask tackles of Brees? Several push-offs weren't call on CJ as well. As far as the fumble by Brees, the ball moved forward, and in real time, it would have been tough to judge if it was a forward pass attempt or not. It was blown dead, period. The ball should have been given back to the Saints. Instead, th
  8. You can load the LOS on defense, and Brees will tear you apart with quick slants/sreen plays. This team has a myriad of plays for blitzing situations, and Brees can get the ball out in 1-2 seconds. Our o-line is one of the best in the league, and you're not going to blast Brees before he gets rid of the ball. If you do it after, you get 15 tacked on and a 1st. Brees is probably one of the toughest QB's in the league, anyway. The one time that he was hurt (knee injury last season), he played through it.
  9. This will continue to be a problem until penalties are made reviewable.. or they start using cameras and added refs to watch. There's no way a handful of refs can watch EVERY player all the time. We, as fans, have the benefit of replay, and a much better view from up/above, so we see everything.
  10. Cam is decent.. but, he's going end up getting hurt with his style of play. If he continues to run the ball like he's a friggen' RB, he's going to eventually get crushed. I know that he's big/tough, but he doesn't have the padding/protection to prevent injury.
  11. That was a pretty rare collapse of the Saints o-line.. Brees has not seen pressure since that game, from decent pass rush teams.
  12. I'd rather face the Falcons again than the Cowboys.. They are a more dangerous team, and we haven't had any experience with them this season.
  13. I didn't understand the no-call on holding when Brees ran it out, either.. I'd like an explanation for that one. Even as a Saints fan, I thought that should have been a holding call. As for the hit on Colston that drew a flag on you guys.. it was helmet to helmet, and the league has been pretty clear that they won't tollerate it this season. There have been many calls AGAINST US for the same exact thing. I've seen hits that looked legal, that our defenders made. But, they touched helmets and the refs called it. It is what it is. Jenkins used his shoulder when he tackled, which is why he w
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