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  1. "What watching this SB showed me"? ...... How depressing our Falcons situation is! 1965 Atlanta Falcons founded. 0 and 2 in Super Bowls. 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers founded 2 and 0 in Super Bowls. God help me please..... I think I need to see someone about this. Lol
  2. Yes indeed thank you so much Rams. Have no problem with the Rams being here and using the Branch for practice. Have no problem with their fans coming into town either and will welcome them. As for the aints. Glad the swamp rats and their Vicodin sucking coach won't be. And we won't have to decontaminate the Branch to get that stench out either. God is good. Now if the Chiefs can just knock off the Patriots if will be a perfect SB IMO.
  3. Yeppers. Already got one on the roster that's injury prone and we're paying a fortune. No thanks.
  4. That has been my biggest fear for weeks. We all have to call on the gods for someone to knock them off. Can't bear the thought of them coming to our house to play the SB. Winning is an even more unbearable thought. We would never live that down and they wouldn't let us. BTW It's my understandinthe NFC team gets use of the Falcons facilities for 2 weeks leading up to the SB. Don't know if that's true but if the aints end up being the NFC reps they would never get that stank out of FB or MB for that matter.. Goes without saying for all to pull for whoever the aints play to knock them off please.
  5. Dlsrespectful? Willing to bend over and take it? Not in any way. A lot of things would have to go right for the Falcons and a lot of things would have to go wrong for the Saints for the Falcons to win. Just speaking for myself. I am a realist. Not an idealist and I'm sure not placing any wagers on the Falcons to win.
  6. Saints 48 Falcons 17 In their house No pass rush (Too much time for Brees) No corners Too many injured starters out Brees, Kamara,Ingram and Thomas They are hot right now and we are hot garbage Is that enough?
  7. Normally I would agree but I just don't have the confidence and optimism to see the current Falcons being in the game that long.
  8. You'd better plan on multiple stops. There's not a drugstore around that keeps that much of that stuff in stock!
  9. Especially when it starts with the red hot aints in their own house and playing on a short week.
  10. Looks like you haven't been around to long enough to know purple ink denotes sarcasm. As for masochist? Google it.
  11. Did you mean that to be in purple or are you a masochist?
  12. No I will not be watching. Their main trio of Brees, Kamara and Thomas have been consistent and hot and the game's in their house. They will probably shred us and believe it or not I do feel a lot of pain and embarrassment when we get shredded and I don't want to ruin a good day finishing it in this fashion.
  13. Dude. We hear you. But hear some of us. Some of us have been following this team since they came to town in the mid sixties way before some of you were even born and some of us are tired of hearing wait until next year. Don't have a clue of your age but time is running out for some and their won't be a next year for some of us. We've heard that way too many times and way too many years.
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