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  1. if management realizes their mistakes and corrects them, or does ego take over and settle for regular season success only. I say they'll make changes in the off season, we do have some draft picks left. at least blanks the owner and not spirit group or liberty .
  2. smittys not going anywhere, it would take more than another playoff loss for him to go, and I don't wanna see him go, but at least 1 OC or DC jobs will be open, don't bring in a college name either, after that pig suey trader deal I don't wanna hear about another college coach coming here.
  3. smitty will stay that's a given, but the other 2 are history, I just don't wanna hear about the process, or ebbs and flows, and crap when the new OC and DC show up.
  4. some jobs are on the line after this post season, getting there just isn't enough.
  5. if we're gonna go down, at least blitz every down and hit the dwarf, vance walkers near decap was my highlight of the night
  6. for 1 game give Q more carries.
  7. I've been a falcon fan since '78 and had many miserable sundays after devoted watching, preparing my day and weekend around the games, I'll always remain watching and hoping that 1 day 1 year our time will come, it took several decades before the braves could win 1, and I'm gratful blank is the owner and not the spirit group, or liberty media. But somethings gotta give with this same lackluster letdowns on a big stage like last night, for once I'd like to see smith throw something, the fire he came at dhall with, I'm just plain sick of hearing about ebbs and flows, and peaks, and processes, so
  8. you gotta have that killer mentality, to put some one away, and I've seen way to many times this team get a lead and get conservative, the saints don't, no one should be mad they went for the record, it's MNF, at home, division title to clinch, we should've stopped them. plain and simple,
  9. abe's having brees, over easy in the big grezzy
  10. we're playing our best right now, and well rested, feeling good about tonight
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