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  1. I have said it a few times in here, but I have zero patience for sociopaths and a person who purposely injures dogs for fun is by definition a sociopath. People that stick up for the behavior are sociopaths. Society most certainly does not have use for these individuals.

    You're fine with people who wanna throw the guy in jail or want him to lose his job when nothing has actually been fully proven though? That's ******* psychotic dude.
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  2. Has he actually even been found guilt? What kind of lunatic would already pin this on him when he hasn't even been found guilt yet? Jesus, that's insane people aren't even waiting until the whole thing is settled. It's absolutely terrifying that there are people will deem you as guilt before the whole thing is settled. Takes a special kind of psycho to not wait until everything is out on the table and wanna throw people in jail.