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  1. Incredible people complain about paying the man who crafted the glory years of this franchise
  2. This thread is pathetic. People still trying to justify our Super Bowl loss. Sad.
  3. I agree. Don't care how Shanny panned out. That won't happen with Sark.
  4. Nobody taking into account how sht we are at 2 pt conversions either. People just drooling on themselves in this thread saying "14 bigger then 13"
  5. I swear people have zero foresight. You kick the xp because if they score quick you kick a fg then you're up 9 and put the game away. It's really that simple. We are also bad at 2pt conversions. This is why you're not a coach. You can only see the present
  6. The decision is very simple if you have even the slightest foresight. You kick the XP and you're up 13. Lets say the Rams score a TD and kick the XP. Now you're up 6. Now you have the opportunity to kick a FG to be up 9 and make it a 2 possession game. It was the higher percentage play rather than risking missing the 2 pt conversion and giving them a better chance back into the game. Especially with how the defense was playing and how well the offense was moving the ball in the 2nd half.
  7. In a situation they score a td you could make it a 2 possession game again with just a field goal. Idk why that decision is so baffling to some of you lmao.
  8. Technically the correct call but feels bad for Lions fans. Not very happy about win lol
  9. I think this is gonna be a close game. Lions are a pretty impressive team and Stafford is really good
  10. You do. That's why you're okay with small men getting hit due to self defense but not women. You think they aren't smart enough to understand what they're doing. If you really don't, then what possible reason can you pull out of your ***?
  11. Small men do not hit hard either... But knocking them out if they do hit you is fine. It comes down to the sexist idea that men think women can't comprehend the consequences of their actions.
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