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  1. 2 minutes ago, Halcon-1 said:

    Yes sir . . .  slow one. . . . Sark did not start in any NFL position before taking an OC job in the NFL. Use your head slow one. People did not complain about Sark having never called plays in the NFL. People complained about Sark not having any NFL experience and coming into the NFL calling plays right away instead of working his way up the usual channels. 

    Does what you said make any sense? Every OC at one point had never called plays before becoming an OC.

    Hes a fan since 1969.... and he probably started watching 16-17 hes probably close to 70 years.


    Please have some respect

  2. 30 minutes ago, 175_Ranger_Falcon said:

    People want Kubiak because they can’t get Shanahan out of their mind. Everyone is looking for that shanny “magic” again.  We also need to dig up those threads when Koetter and Mularkey was running the offense. People couldn’t wait for them to leave. Went from no screen game to too many screens. But let’s bring them back

    Ur right I cant get over those magical moments.... .......

    I think about that year almost everyday..


    That had to be one of the best teams ever....

    Just how everyone was getting open


    -that team could've beaten any team in NFL history that's right

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