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  1. 8 minutes ago, Atownbrave said:

    The same way to Patriots Steelers Packers sometimes the Saints overcome there's and still have a competent season

    I highly doubt those teams had multiple injuries of players that are at the pro bowl calibre of those guys.

    I don't think you understand just how good those guys are.

    Heck most slot if receivers drop catches by mere footsteps of Neal. Dude is a beast!


  2. Let's look at the bright side

    It's only game 3, our offense is finally clicking

    And the not so bright side.

    Man how are we going to overcome injuries to DEION JONES, KEANU NEAL, RICARDO ALLEN, MCKINLEY, like that's impossible to overcome, feeling hopeless about our D. This sucks we finally get both sides clicking

    Oh well back to life...



  3. 2 hours ago, GET-ME-A-DB-TD said:

    1) Why is Matt ALWAYS rolling out to the left??? It takes him an ETERNITY to gain momentum. He is a right handed QB and should roll right predominantly.

    2) Go to NFL.com and watch the highlight of the CJ Anderson run and the DJ Moore highlight......WTF is Riley doing? I'm not gonna go on about it Bc it's not worth the stroke risk.

    3) KNOWING that McCaffrey is Cams number 1 target we allowed him to catch 14 passes and rack up 100 yds???? Do we gameplan at all?

    Do I think Matt played better? Yes. Do I think Carolina is a pretty sorry team by comparison? Yes. Should we revel in our Victory today? No.

    Cam had no business picking up that first down when Kazee got ejected, We have a ridiculous time covering backs.

    I wanna specifically say something about number 2 and what I wanna say is that:





  4. 8 minutes ago, 7979 said:

    What if your just ticked off because you keep waiting for this team to go off with all the talent and it just hasn't happened? 

    What if your just ticked off with long 4th qtr drives given up by the D?

    What if your just ticked off we still have no pass rush?  I don't care who the other tackles are, we line up two 1st rounders at DE.

    What if your just ticked off that the O line got whooped by a quality D line?

    What if your just ticked off your WR whining for mo money keeps dropping passes right in his hands?

    What if your just ticked off by undisciplined stupid penalties?

    All fixable.....except the pass rush......imho, but things that chap your butt and make you mad!.


    You forgot one, 

    What if you're ticked off Keanu Neal got his knee buckled?

    What if you're ticked your wife just screamed at yo....  (wrong forum, sorry)

  5. Optimism = Oatmeal raisin cookie
    Falcons = Coke Zero

    Now these two do not go together. Coke Zero has always portrayed itself to be like Coke (2016 Falcons) but it is a freaking ILLUSION. It's not the real thing, hence the title Zero, and just like S.S.'s brain dead self we go ZERO creativity in the red zone. Optimism is so sweet, yummy, just looking for some milk (Minnesota Vikings, this could be purple flavored milk, but nonetheless,) when you dip it in it all goes together, then you are optimistic, because naturally it goes together! If you would dip this cookie in coke zero, and take it out it would resemble something like S.S.'S BRAIN CELL COMMUNITY. Sorry this thread was not suppose to be about him, but I just can't help it.
    Hope you all have a good night...<back to hibernating>

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