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  1. 48 minutes ago, Emmitt said:

    ME: It was at that point that I thought, "Why am I wasting my beautiful Sunday here in the ATL to suffer though this nonsense?"

    MORGAN FREEMAN: And he did continue to waste his time on that most glorious fall day. If fact, the next 13 hours, he was left with a small flow of spittle running from the left side of his mouth to his chest.

    It sure is beautiful out here in Atlanta at this moment. The trees, crisp air, yellow,orange,red leaves. It's a sight to see. So beautiful.

  2. 6 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

    On a list of 100 things wrong on this team, none of them are Matt Ryan.

    I never implied there is anything wrong with Ryan's game. He's awesome. I love his play.

    What I am implying is the fire you show on the field needs to escalate off the field. Maybe it does. But that answering session just reaked of " w.e in to the next one" maybe that's what they are taught to say. Like your season officially just ended and you're going to say on to the next one. 

    I dont know how that makes any sense at all.

  3. So I just listened to Matt Ryan answer some questions. And He just spoke about "on to the next one." Like really? You have absolutely no concerns, feelings, ideas, solutions, plans, any freaking clue on what just happened. 

    Show some sense of care for a loss. Call people out. 

    Soft soft soft soft soft soft. I dont get it, is it always to protect your image off-field? I think we are dealing with a mentally weak person. And in sorry to Ryan Homers

  4. 13 minutes ago, Iron Saint said:

    Just when I thought the “Katrina refs” excuse from a Super Bowl 4 years after the fact couldn’t get anymore sad, you’re already starting to dust it off for another Super Bowl 13 years after the fact. 

    Fast forward to 2057: Drew Brees has found the Fountain of Youth, his head is now attached to an android body, and the Saints have won 39 straight Super Bowls.

    Falcon fan: “yEaH bUt ThEy’D oNlY hAvE 37 sUpEr bOwLs iF nOt fOr tHoSe kAtRiNa rEfS!”


    I hear the Puppy Bowl this year is supposed to be a real clash of titans.

    ...no really. There are supposed to be two big dogs both named “Titan” and they’re going head to head.

    Special appearance during the trophy presentation: Michael Vick


    I hear incestuous marriages are very rapid(pun intended) down there in urineville.

    So if your sister gives birth your child, do you call her little sister?

    /smileyface /allinfunofrivalry.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    You know, there are some days at my own job when I preform better than others so I get the “we had a bad game” thing, really. 

    My thing is, like myself, I have a baseline of how I will perform and am pretty consistent with it and that is what I ask of my sporting teams! 

    In short, I should be able to be able to look at a regular output and be able to pick out the “rare” bad day that we all have. 

    Good for you. I wish beasly reads your post. Players dont realize how many millions of people follow them. 

  6. Just now, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

    I KNOW I have way more tackles during this season already and I am not even on the field! 

    (Yes, they are tackles in the bedroom and yes they DO count! :D )

    I think each one of us with an oz. Of heart could make 5 tackles. Sometimes I question if these players have any motivation. And if you dont. Why did you go into this sport. Was it for the money. Congrats, but..... you k is what. Why bother? 

    These losers dont care about the fans. They care about being paid. 

  7. 1 hour ago, ATL Fan in the DMV said:

    So. Many. Questions!

    Where was Oliver on D?

    How does Richards keep logging snaps on D?

    I know we barely use our FB, but ZERO snaps...even on goal line?

    Ito isnt getting enough snaps. Nor is Bruce Carter. Why?

    And Riley is still getting too many. 

    Le Sigh...

    I have a Question for you DMV.

    Suppose and it's a gigantic IF the Falcons miraculously win the next two.


    Would you be a belieber?

  8. 17 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

    We have lost 5 this year which pretty much means we could not lose more than 1 more game this year to have any chance at a wild-card spot.  As for our 5 losses, this game to the Browns is the most recent on our memories and was highly downgrading.

    However, would you put any of the other four losses as worse?

    at Eagles-bad way to start year plus the start of the injuries and certainly not a revenge

    Saints-they had just lost to the Bucs and looked like they were down but we basically gave them a late win and set them off on their glorious year

    Bengals-another one we had late only to give away and at home

    at Steelers-I think this was our worst played game even over today but really was expected and actually maybe propelled us to win 3 straight

    at Browns-nobody really expected today's outcome and nothing looked right but was it the end of the season?

    Your vote and explanation is welcome.....

    chocolate! Keep it simple bro. They knew what was on the table and they crapped the bed!

  9. 7 minutes ago, Wardog357 said:

    It's going to get worse......the Saints are playing like a championship team....Thanksgiving day is not going to be fun in my home. I'm trying to figure out a way to black it out......I live in Louisiana and my wife is from louisiana and all her family will be over at my house. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :bang:

    Oh wow. Haha sucks but sounds fun... just be busy eating shrimp and turkey. And right when we smash Brees jump for joy.

  10. 43 minutes ago, slamee101 said:

    Did anyone watch?  I’m in a FB group and someone is claiming that DeVondre Campbell said the team didn’t come into the game with the same energy and focus as previous weeks because they thought “it’s the Browns.  We’ll figure it out.”


    This just sounds unbelievable that he would say that and I figured if he did someone on this board would have heard it.

    This is exactly what each and everyone of us thought too. And we cant blame the fans, but the players who getting paid should know better.

  11. 18 minutes ago, Bigbenright said:

    The defensive alignment on that play was awful. Almost every Falcon was on the line of scrimmage. No protection against that happening. Very poor coaching decision. Obviously not Sark that time. 

    We live in the moment. Sark has done a better job this year for sure. He did not have a good game today like most Falcons players and coaches. The problem is time is running out. This seemed like a must win to make the playoffs.

    Mathematically it was not a must-win, but it was the most winnable games on the schedule. So it sucks that we have to make-up this game by having to beat Saints/Greenbay. I would say the division is officially out of hand. And we cannot afford to lose more than one more. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, red falcon said:

    Fast forward to 2018 its not the same browns team. Top 10 draft pick year after year. Look at Jacksonville.  Eventually talent turns it on. Our team is soft campared to that black and blue division.  Yalk are sleeping on them. They are smash mouth we arent.

    I understand that, but you have to realize that it's still "the Browns" there is a universal fact for as long as I can remember that when you play the "Bowns" you already at a psychological advantage. I mean you have to really mess up to lose to the Browns. For crying out loud their team name is a colour.

  13. 1 minute ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

    If anything can happen to the Falcons and their fans in a negative historic way (like the SB) it can and will happen to us.  Do you think I was a mean ornery bastige that burned village pillaged women and children?  Neither do I, what did I do to deserve to be a Falcons fan?  Help me out brother, explain what I did. 

    I'll tell you whatbro.

    Screw this crap. I want Brees dead. And I mean it. Dead. When we go in that urine hole. I want Irvin to break his leg. We cant have that goofball in Atlanta come Feb. 

    I've had it.

  14. Just now, Falcan Moore said:

    Break up with that gf then. Period. Trust is important.

    If sports were as important as relationships, I don't think life would be worth living either. I treat it more like a movie I was highly anticipating, and sometimes, it just bombs. That's too bad and all, but does it ruin my life? Nah, still tons of fun **** to preoccupy myself with. I'll be back for the next one and hope for the best.

    I fell in love with the wrong team...

  15. 6 minutes ago, caponine said:

    We can Forget about the NFC South Title but do you guys think we can still make wildcard ?? I think we can, obviously this loss was bad and it proved this offense cant score 30 pts every game, but when Jones and Freeman return . Is it possible ?  

    Let me help you and remind you of what just happened:


    WE LOST TO THE BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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