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  1. 3 hours ago, k-train said:

    Yeah, I do.

    The Falcons are & seem to always be a VERY Jeckyl & Hyde team. They only thing they ever seem to be consistent about is lacking consistency, and they are always up & down like a roller coaster. They've been down a lot lately, so I think they pull up just a bit this week & end up finishing out the season on an up/down/up/down path.

    As far as this game vs Baltimore, we'll be at home with a massive chip on our shoulders & something to prove. Not saying it'll be pretty, but I think we're able to have a few things break our way for a change early in the game... like creating a turnover or two rather than giving them up... which allows us to get an early lead. That in turn forces Baltimore's offense to abandon the run & they pull close but ultimately cannot keep up with us.

    Everyone will assume the win is largely due to some changes DQ made... likely on the o-line... and Deion Jones returning so the D looks slightly better/more confident than it has the past several weeks. There will be a faint glimmer of optimism for a split second, but then things will come crashing back down to Earth when we go on the road to GB & lose in crappy conditions to a beat up Packers team. Rodgers has gone 0-3 against the Falcons during their last three matchups... but those were all in Atlanta. He'll get us at his house this go round & will be playing out of his mind, looking to prove his critics wrong. Additionally Mike McCarthy is very likely coaching to save his job in these remaining weeks. If those players are still willing to fight for him, we are not winning that game.

    Like you said, we stomp the Cards & everyone is excited once again about the potential for the offense.

    Then we go to Carolina and they stomp us.

    We close it out with Matt Bryant hitting a 50 yard game-winning FG in a tight one against the Bucs. While the win is great & all, it's ultimately pretty meaningless at this point for both teams, so we just end up costing ourselves a few spots in draft position thanks to this win.


  2. 2 minutes ago, Faithful Falcon said:

    I have a better theory. Ty Lue as the head coach for LeBron's Cavs wins an NBA Title. Two years later, not to mention in the finals this past season. He's fired after about 10 games. My point, a coach getting credit for what his players do is just a figment of a good coach.

    Could be. I'd like to see what we can do fully healthy on both sides, again I know it's not guaranteed to he 100% healthy but they deserve 2019 to prove it and I think they will.

  3. I don't know if this example works but let me give it a go:

    Imagine: Kevin Durant,  Stephen curry, and Drymond green, only play offense and sit out for defense. And klay Thompson,  drymond green , Kevin Durant only play defense and sit for offense. What I am getting at is we are missing pegs. On both side of the team then how do you expect our "tent" to stay intact.

    I dont think we realize how big of a loss this us. Its irreplaceable. Like missing Kevin Durant,  Thompson and drymond green for the year. How will the warriors fare with only curry?

  4. 19 minutes ago, AvidFalconFan said:

    Starts from the top...AB the owner .

    New Corporate stadium with no home field advantage.

    Too nice and gets too close to the coaches and players. When this happens it is hard to make the tough decisions both with coaches and players.  Goes down to the sidelines near the end of close games. Group hugs for everyone win or lose. 

    Being too nice in a business can cloud your judgment making it difficult to cut ties when necessary. 


    0 championships. 

    Need a serious owner who wants to win and will not tolerate losing. 

    Another wait until next year for the fans.



    I do admire the group hugs. Group hugs for everyone.

  5. 5 minutes ago, TRUju2111 said:

    That play absolutely  broke me to the fullest( Ridley td to fumble)..I started laughing, then tears came out..and I'm trying to hide them..but that hurt...we are such a joke it hurts..standing there in Houston up 28-3 to this on thanksgiving..it broke me..It broke me..it broke me!

    Hey man, it's just a game at the end of the day. Winning only fills you with positive emotions which you can attain by noticing the good things in life. You are alive, healthy, I'm sure there's more. So just be thankful for the small things and that's better than any win. 

    It's just a game, so what we lost boohoo. That's it. It has no effect on real life. Just let the winning and losing entertain you.

  6. 12 minutes ago, roguebeaver said:

    Thursday night prime time game in stank town with couple hundred thousand watching, regionally at best, bottle of your favorite beverage, and whatever else you favor...

    At kick-off having had a few shots by then, will be primed and ready with some of my most colorful comments and name calling just on the tip of my tongue! Oh they gonna fly fast and furious as it won’t take long for the Taints to plaster some schmeckle right on Quinnies forehead. I just hope I have enough liquor to keep me going, or anger will replace my good natured, but colorful commentary, which will lead to another destroyed tv!

    Anyway, wishing good luck to the birds and hope the Taints and Sean don’t raper our boys too badly. 

    In Brotherhood will they Rise Up? or most likely flame out with the stupendously magnificent, the intellectually gifted, crome dome sporting Dan Quinn and his trusted side-kick, dukester skunk head Riley! 

    We shall see! 

    You forgot to mention that new Orleans always smells like smeared urine on the wall.

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