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  1. Just now, papachaz said:

    sort the same as you trolling me I guess.....  ;)  


    you better go to bed now sonny before mom sees the light under the basement door


    Good exit route. 

    Cannot face the reality of life.

    The day is gone. Wishing someone at 11:00 PM is a slap on the face.

  2. So what I'm realizing is that. I made a post and there were some mistakes, but if you have a low IQ you could have still understood it. Rather than a engaging discussion about the topic all of you important and great people think it's okay to attack me. Do you think its cool to just attack people? Like do you do that to your families al$0? Basic ethics are lacking, hence it reflects in our goverment.

  3. Just now, high impact said:

    OK, but you could actually read and understand what I wrote. Not so much with the drunk rant at the top of the page.


    It wasn't a drunk rant. Analyze each word that I typed. Then lay down and close your eyes and think deeply what I wrote. Then come back and appreciate my lingo.

  4. Just now, TheUsualStuff said:

    Well if you speak of time spent here, then that is certainly true. My previous comment however was completely relative to the rest of the content here, which means you have made quite an achievement.

    Oh I'm really sorry. In that case  ur right