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  1. 5 hours ago, Falconsin2012 said:

    Kind of a silly article, but interesting.  And who knew Shanny owned the worlds largest collection of hotdog memorabilia?


    Kyle Shanahan continues quest to recreate 2016 Super Bowl offense 


    Fact: Kyle Shanahan owns the world’s largest collection of hot dog memorabilia 

    By James Rael@falcoholicjames  May 15, 2019, 4:43pm EDT

    Former Falcons offensive coordinator and current 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan should’ve just run the **** ball! isn’t on the figurative “hot seat,” but after a lackluster 2018, his seat is officially warm. And as he embarks on the treacherous journey ahead, Shanahan doesn’t mind keeping a safety blanket nearby. 


    According to Ian Rapoport, the 49ers plan to sign Levine Toilolo. He’s actually already listed on their official roster, so this appears to be a done deal. Levine hasn’t done much since leaving the Falcons, racking up 21 receptions and 263 receiving yards (1 touchdown) with the Lions last season. Interestingly his PFF grade of 66.5 ranked 29th among NFL TEs in 2018. 

    As you know, both Tevin Coleman and Ben Garland signed with the 49ers during the off-season. Daniel Brunskill is also with the 49ers now. (He spent a couple years with the Falcons in the immediate aftermath of the Super Bowldebacle.) The 49ers signed him in early April. Mike Person was on the Falcons roster during their Super Bowl run but was cut in October of that year. (Lucky him!) The 49ers signed him to a three year, $9 million extension in March. 

    Is this a deliberate strategy by Shanny to reclaim the glory he let slip through his pass-happy fingers? Of course it is! Discuss.

    That was the best Falcons team ever

     Man amazing memories. How did we get so open.

  2.      Allen.                         



    Trufant.                                              Oliver


                  Campbell.   Debo.    Vic

       Clayborn Hageman Jarret McKinley 


    ^ this could be lethal



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