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  1. Can we just fire koetter
  2. Vixen beasly had 16 sacks ... was it a dream come true?
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/gary-kubiak-still-wants-offensive-163603850.html
  4. ... ...... what?
  5. One of the most non talked about catches HD made was in that Seattle game in 2012 at the end ....
  6. Genius. We just created a 3 headed monster on offense
  7. What a mega choke wow.
  8. RIP codey sparky your dead bears lose Ahhahahahaahhahahahah
  9. Oh uh... Trubrisket..... uh mom Wow
  10. Hey Matt Ryan that's how y do it X Foles ...... wow
  11. Oh man no wayyyyyy ahahahahahahahahah crow files crown him. Saints u next.. Woohoo wow I love this game
  12. Elway crackhead lookin dude needs to let Kubiak talk for himself.
  13. Hes a fan since 1969.... and he probably started watching 16-17 hes probably close to 70 years. Please have some respect
  14. One guy I like is Rick dennis
  15. Man he deserved a ring.... Could not cover who 2as that te Patrick Willis man
  16. Why.. u have money.. ur such a idiot... try to enjoy ur money n life...
  17. Last two paragraphs indicate Kubiak is the one
  18. Y lol
  19. I believe... was doing heroin when I wrote that... Jk
  20. Ur right I cant get over those magical moments.... ....... I think about that year almost everyday.. That had to be one of the best teams ever.... Just how everyone was getting open .. -that team could've beaten any team in NFL history that's right