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  1. For all of you who didn't care about saints playing in our city. Congrats. Are you happy??? Argh!!!!!@
  2. I never trust goff
  3. Get ready for your worst nightmare. Saints in Atlanta
  4. I know this is the Falcons b Forum I'm too lazy to create a hawks forum account. So I just wanted to say that I hope we the hawks lose every single game. Because Zion William's is gonna be the best player in NBA history. I hope they dont screw this up
  5. I dont know what you're saying, but bump!
  6. Yeah, Matt Ryan is better than all three. All he needs is a superbowl mVP . That'll catapult him into Brady area. If he gets another pro bowl nod. I would be certain that he the best QB of all time.
  7. No way, I figure you were referring to greedy Jarrett because he wants so much money. Corner is the last thing we need. I suppose we draft either a dt or ol every single round.
  8. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  9. Talk about a nightmare.
  10. Way to clock manage that hire.
  11. One of the level headed posters.
  12. Elway screwing us since 98'
  13. I dont watch football unless it's the Falcons. I think I love the city more than sport
  14. I feel you man. I dont know where to begin. That and 28-3 would probably be really close to unfan me. Like this cannot happen on so many levels. It's the summit of disrespect. We cant control it. Rams it's all you.
  15. Rams are gonna kill u guys ....
  16. U smell like urine go suffocate inside a sewer
  17. Fletcher no like brees Fletcher eat brees Fletcher hungrry
  18. Cant wait till eagles win this. Its gonna be mighty special at the super forum. Let's go eagles!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Who you got and why?
  20. People have the nerve to complain about hof ryan
  21. Cowboys comeback?
  22. Who you got and why?
  23. Him and elway . "Are you on crack" quotes of the week
  24. Yeah u cant count in Dee Ford producing like a pickup truck every year
  25. I'd like to see cowboys heat the saints then lose the super bowl to whoever Before that, the week leading to the superbowl, I'd also would love to kidnap elliot, trip descott, and poison Crabtree seafood