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  1. Lol
  2. You waste hours of your life anyway, so what's another minute.
  3. Who's that?
  4. You're right. But my artwork needs no editing.
  5. If you dont understand what I just said, learn english.
  6. And the reward for the most non sensical post does to... Do you not see the part where hes being double and triple covered? The fact is that Falcons have no one besides Grady to apply pressure. Wait let me guess you think deodorant senator is better?
  7. I thought it only happened to old people.
  8. Any.Qb.can.do.that.
  9. I wish I got paid to sit on the bench and look at replays. Pathetic
  10. Absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Please define polarize, like coldest?
  12. So everyone subtract 2 inches and l add 10 lbs to everyone's total.
  13. I like the part where you wrote trade logic, Darn, you wrote alot.
  14. Yeah, sure, if you say so.
  15. Mark my words: Falcons will regret this
  16. Trying to adopt relaxation in all fields of life pays dividends.
  17. Usa today= garbage
  18. I would ban him for how his username sounds
  19. Right now all I see is my wife yelling at me
  20. Yeah your banned
  21. Al I'm saying is have patience
  22. Yes I lack reading, fibonacci
  23. Dont you think these coaches have lives and families. Do you think 24 hours they wanna feed the fans
  24. Matt Ryan is a hall of Famer book it, chip.