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  1. Keep laughing.. .... You'll c
  2. Julio will forever be the greatest wide receiver
  3. There are about 4 people getting red flagged by mids. Not abusing other members is a condition to function on this board. Let me assume you skipped out on the rules.
  4. Might as well wish him for the next 30 years if it counts. Go ahead papachaz
  5. Good exit route. Cannot face the reality of life. The day is gone. Wishing someone at 11:00 PM is a slap on the face.
  6. Go ahead and wish him after the day is gone. What's the 9oint?
  8. That confident might be a bad case of : heart attack
  9. Try to stay on topic, buddy. Let's sign some decent talent. Is Dee Ford still available? Falcons Stay watching!!!! !!!
  10. Man I'm gonna miss him. Truly a gifted reciever
  11. This thread is not sad. Its reality in a box
  12. I'll quote you. I'm not scared buddy. Is that what you like? Me calling you buddy.
  13. Actually it means his life is sad.
  14. It means to stop being racist
  15. This thread is sad? Your sad homeboy
  16. Eith the advent of Antonio browns shenanigans. Please give more importance to Julios overall humanity more than graft Jarrett. Tag him Tommy. Hurry
  17. I know this will be un falcon related but um, where did you go for your honeymoon?
  18. ? No I'm not in drugs? Where does it indicate I'm on drugs?
  19. No not you, Pain and suffering is the definition of life. So no need to feel bad. Pain and suffering has become my medicine of joy.
  20. I'm sorry but this us Falcons related; how?
  21. So what I'm realizing is that. I made a post and there were some mistakes, but if you have a low IQ you could have still understood it. Rather than a engaging discussion about the topic all of you important and great people think it's okay to attack me. Do you think its cool to just attack people? Like do you do that to your families al$0? Basic ethics are lacking, hence it reflects in our goverment.
  22. It wasn't a drunk rant. Analyze each word that I typed. Then lay down and close your eyes and think deeply what I wrote. Then come back and appreciate my lingo.
  23. Oh I'm really sorry. In that case ur right
  24. That sentence has so many grammatical errors, I could write a article.
  25. You really cant tell from the context.