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  1. Bring him home td
  4. Its ok guys, you can always count on group hugs after the loss by your one and only Mr. Home Depot. (Clock hits 00:00) AB: Come here you Quinn (tight hug)
  5. Lol exactly my tgoughts
  6. Could be. I'd like to see what we can do fully healthy on both sides, again I know it's not guaranteed to he 100% healthy but they deserve 2019 to prove it and I think they will.
  7. I pretty much foresee a SB contender if we can retain Freeman, Allen, neal, Jones, levitre
  8. List of players injured again: Freeman Allen Neal Jones Levitre Fusco I see them as pillars of both sides. I say 2019 last chance. If it's anything like repeat, fire everyone.
  9. I don't know if this example works but let me give it a go: Imagine: Kevin Durant, Stephen curry, and Drymond green, only play offense and sit out for defense. And klay Thompson, drymond green , Kevin Durant only play defense and sit for offense. What I am getting at is we are missing pegs. On both side of the team then how do you expect our "tent" to stay intact. I dont think we realize how big of a loss this us. Its irreplaceable. Like missing Kevin Durant, Thompson and drymond green for the year. How will the warriors fare with only curry?
  10. Good stuff man, I think you nailed it, But why on Gods green earth cant the coaches see it? Too much faith in the fat imbecility up front.
  11. I do admire the group hugs. Group hugs for everyone.
  12. Lol
  13. Hey man, it's just a game at the end of the day. Winning only fills you with positive emotions which you can attain by noticing the good things in life. You are alive, healthy, I'm sure there's more. So just be thankful for the small things and that's better than any win. It's just a game, so what we lost boohoo. That's it. It has no effect on real life. Just let the winning and losing entertain you.
  14. Saints-W Bengals-W Cowboys-w Eagles-w That's 8-2. Each games decided on last drive.
  15. Everybody and their mother will be watching tonight Falcons. Dont screw it up.
  16. 2 things to keep in mind. Drew brees 2 lungs.
  17. Ryan should throw it at drew brees face purposely on the sideline inches away from him and watch his nose flow with blood. Then take a picture of the bloody football and send it to every address in new orleans
  18. You forgot to mention that new Orleans always smells like smeared urine on the wall.
  19. And survies.
  20. Oh and by the way , hope brees chokes on a Turkey leg afterwards
  21. 27-21 falcons
  22. My pain is gradually transforming into pleasure. I'm getting used to this pain after a loss, dare I say it, I'm enjoying it.
  23. I'll begin. Dan Reed?