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  1. I. Other spe ial news. Nick bosa has hurt his hamstring Hehehe take that shahnahan
  2. No I felt like pulling a prank
  3. Get r done
  4. I hope he hits a semi
  5. That was the best Falcons team ever Man amazing memories. How did we get so open.
  6. Kaleb is Costco size Baker is fun size
  7. So what ... why is this news.... I'm sleeping
  8. Face eater? Really? Cmon
  9. Imagine making your body go through total h***
  10. Chancellor get r don
  11. Lbs they cover over and under if elite.
  12. Mim so glad we finally kn ow how yo draft
  13. Allen. Neal Trufant. Oliver Campbell. Debo. Vic Clayborn Hageman Jarret McKinley ^ this could be lethal
  14. We not losing to the Jaguars and Shanahan is not gonna score only 24
  15. One thing about that 16 team was that maybe we are a little too good on offense which in turn made our defense very tired at the end of games. I still remember alot of games where teams would always come back on us. We would score so fast. Plus that year our defense was horrible too. So it wasn't all sunshine. Yeah but that offense .... Never seen anything like it jack.
  16. Is your dad a previous football player?
  17. He is one under the radar pick that I'm pumped for
  18. Speed isn't everything , what if the speed limit is 45 mph?
  19. What does prayer up mean