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  1. I'm absolutely stunned. Shocked to say the least. Ryan should be starting.
  2. I ain't wanna see no falcon fans going on who dat board doing pity. Those rat bags deserved every inch of what they got. Dont forget Payton's choke sign
  3. That's why you dont use choke expressions to other players. You imbecile. Try acting like a human
  4. Please think about your loved ones. Dont kill yourself Its only a game
  5. Hey man, this might be the breaking point for suicide. Hold backa. Little...
  6. It's a never ending high.. My intoxication is increasing by the minute
  7. Will not be wearing any ski masks. Enjoy your choppa and ski mask on the couch
  8. Bump till 2020
  9. No he doesn't Cold blood Bang. I have a empty spot on my couch saints fans Hahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  10. Brees looks shook. Its over
  11. For all of you who didn't care about saints playing in our city. Congrats. Are you happy??? Argh!!!!!@
  12. Get ready for your worst nightmare. Saints in Atlanta