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  1. It was fun guys. Congrats on the win. I'll be rooting for you guys in the Playoffs!
  2. Good luck tonight, Falcons fans. Lets hope for no injuries on either team!
  3. Our WR Mike Thomas isn't playing tonight. In his one catch last week, he got hit in the helmet and got a concussion. We cut our "#1" reciever 2 weeks ago, due to him not "being apart of the future," and our #3 reciever is also out tonight, due to an injury last week. That leaves us with 3 healthy recievers on the roster, maybe a 4th if Taylor Price, who we claimed off the waivers 2 weeks ago, is ready to go.
  4. Russel Allen isn't normally a starter. Our normal starting WLB, Clint Session, is on IR. Mike P brought a fire to our defense, which we haven't seen since he left. He was the vocal leader on the field and the sidelines. I really wish we resigned him.
  5. I'm a Jags fan and I think we have the best 4-3 group of lb's in the nfl. I had a question for you guys, how is Mike Peterson primarly used for the Falcons? I understand he is a backup, but does he get any playing time, other than special teams? He spent 6 seasons starting at MLB for us, and wasn't resigned due to an arugment with Jack Del Rio.
  6. Hello, I'm a Jags fan, and I've come to wish you all good luck on the game tomorrow night. I'm not here to talk any trash or anything. Lets hope for a clean game with no injuries. I expect you guys to beat us by a good margin. We're down to our 4th and 5th cornerbacks, only 2 healthy defensive ends, and a back up middle linebacker starting at a olb spot. Our offense is dreadful, other than MJD. Our rookie qb is struggling, but had his best game as a pro last week. We have the worst group of recievers in the nfl. Any more questions, don't be afraid to ask! With all of that, good luck tomorrow n
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