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  1. I wouldn't mind spending a few days in Jail to see you at the game.
  2. Thank you!! I'll smack some *** for you brother.
  3. I doubt it but stranger things have happen.
  4. With my brothers and a couple of my closest friend. We have a A-team like Van and a pocket full of singles. I plan on hitting the underground Sat. day time and pay a GA peaches (with daddy issues) car note on Sat. night. Eat at least 3x at the Varsity and be at the game to raise **** down on you Turd Fans. Wish me luck that I don't end up in Jail for putting my foot up somebody's azz.
  5. So where is that trophy that the panthers has? The same place your trophy is. A empty, dusty trophy case. How is that super bowl trophy working for the saints this season? It's working because it's real it actually exist. Which our trophies don't. Just because a team has a super bowl means nothing come Sunday. It means that they will always be called a superbowl champ Of something. Also those super bowl teams will not be playing this Sunday. Those "real" trophies will still be in a case sunday. Which is more then I can say about our trophies.
  6. I sent you the trade Cheff. Listen to your buddy's take the offer.
  7. Thank you for praying for my ****.LOLOLLOLO!!
  8. Cam for Big Ben are you interested?
  9. And by Family we mean the countless numbers of phone sex workers that knew Serge best.
  10. Services will be held at the Cracker Barrel on Friday. The family ask that no one show up.
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