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  1. Getting manhandled by a 3-9 team. Just a reminder that the Falcons shouldn't be allowed to participate in the playoffs against good teams.
  2. The Falcons offense is embarrassing itself and the defense is starting to. The falcons should just acknowledge they aren't good enough to be in the playoffs and just skip them.
  3. Atlanta does not belong in the playoffs. They are out of their league against good teams primarily because of their defense. Until they get a new defensive coordinator they will not go anywhere in the playoffs. When the opponent makes 100% of third down conversions there is a SERIOUS problem.
  4. Still don't think Falcons should make it to the playoffs. You can't play half a game in the playoffs and hope to go anywhere, (unless, perhaps, you are the Packers). Jones still wasn't worth the trades. Two easy catches don't make up for losing a couple games and dropping ball after ball.
  5. Why is it that whenever Atlanta leads in the 4th, even by 1 pt, they stop trying to score?
  6. Its about time the Falcons remember who their star receiver is. Go White!
  7. Turner? Please. He showed his desire to win in the Orleans game.
  8. Amazing how a four man rush keeps getting to Ryan. This looks like the O-line at the start of the season.
  9. When is Atlanta going to wake up and get a new defensive coordinator? They will have no shot at a playoff win or the super bowl until they can get a decent defense and the current coordinator sucks.
  10. Playing like a high school team today. Well, at least Rogers can catch when Jones can't. What a waste of a draft.
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