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  1. I started out as a Green Bay fan on my dad’s knee watching Bart Starr. I remember this old guy Y.A. Tittle (but pretty much the talk. Then I remember the “new guy” Johnny Unitas with the Baltimore Colts, then this other “new guy” who wore panty hose and had a rocket arm... Joe Namath but those days are gone. I became a Falcons fan because I’m a Georgia Boy. I’ll always be a Falcons fan, that’s why I’m her, because I CARE! I’m also a fan of my HS team the Colquitt County Packers (Moultrie Packers when I was there. My dad was a receiver for them in the 1930s.

    Go Falcons! Go CCHS Packers (we had a Swift Meat Packing Plant in Moultrie), hence The Packers.

  2. I would have fired him after going for it on 4th down on their 10 yd line. I don’t care that they got a first down. We should never have been in that position and we certainly never should have tried it. Also... every time someone on the team makes a bonehead play or an inexcusable penalty they show Quinn and EVERY TIME he is clapping. Sabin wouldn’t be clapping, Belicek wouldn’t be clapping. He isn’t serious.

     Our play calling kills us! Our coaching attitude kills us, it ain’t OK!

    i want to enjoy football not have to take a Xanax because I feel like my head is about to pop! 

  3. 6 minutes ago, FalconofShadows said:

    The NFL is totally fixed there is no reason the Texans would have all their DBs play that far back. There is a script to EVERY game

    I’ve wondered before but it’s really hard to think that.. seriously. However, a few years ago there was a game in London between the Lions and someone.. I forget. I’ve never seen a game look more like WWF. Stafford threw a pass right to the other team, no Lions player anywhere in the area... right to the other team. There was a lot of weirdness in that game,

    still there are too many huge egos and players that have reasons to talk if everything was rigged, it’s not but sometimes if sure looks like it.

  4. It’s on Quinn and Arthur, they need to own it. 

    I’m still (and always a Falcons fan) but Come On Man... it’s hard to stay positive. Will The Falcons ever be consistent, year after year? At least everyone else (so far) in the NFC South lost too. It is 3rd quarter MMF as I write and the Saints are losing. Now, it’s just the opposite with The Saints. I have a feeling they will win, I sure hope they don’t but it’s just opposite with The Falcons and that’s NOT the way I want to feel but I just can’t shake it. 

    I held good season tix for years, getting too old for it but like I said... I’m always a fan but PLEASE team. Help me shake this nagging feeling that no matter what you say... it’s one year almost then one year in the basement. At least we aren’t The Browns.

    I really don’t get it. I guess it’s just football.

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