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  1. UGA’s highest rated player is their 3rd CB?
  2. According to most, Brady is Christ. So if Ryan is the anti-Brady, he must be the Antichrist. I knew we should’ve traded him for Jake Locker.
  3. Best player to ever wear No 7 for the Falcons.
  4. No arguments here. I still believe that you need a good/great defense to win it all. A great QB isn’t enough.
  5. He had a 14-13 playoff record throughout his career. I think we would all love to have that record if it brought us two championships. That being said, I would rather have someone that has more experience at evaluating players. Love Peyton, but it’s a pass for me.
  6. Hard to judge Belichick based on this season. 8 players opted out for the Patriots. Also, what is the the Patriots greatest strength? Coaching. They’ve missed a lot of practices this season due to COVID precautions. Their cap situation was also very tight this past offseason. Lots and lots of dead money which helps explain their mediocre roster. From everything I’ve read, they’re going to have a lot more cap space next season. If they continue to lose, they’ll have higher draft picks as well. I think we need another season or two to fairly judge Belichick without Brady.
  7. This has been addressed by Ryan. Shanahan was sending the play calls in with too little time on the play clock. He didn’t have an opportunity to audible.
  8. These poor defensive stats tell me that we need to draft a QB that can put up 41 or more points every week. Our current QB isn’t a winner. He only lead our offense to 39 points. TATF logic
  9. Any update on Matthews? Does it sound like he will play tomorrow?
  10. What a bum. Should’ve traded him for Jake Locker when given the chance. If Matt Ryan was a ‘leader’, he would’ve admitted that the sky is falling and the season is basically over.
  11. Makes sense. Mack-age, Gurley-arthritic knee, Neal- recovering from last year’s injury. I don’t think this involves anything we didn’t already know.
  12. I blame him for everything. Mistakes made on offense, defense, and special teams. All his fault
  13. Willie's picks weren't very original imo. People pick Dallas every year and the Titans just made it to the AFCCG. MJD's picks sounded good though 😎
  14. Doesn't matter to me. I'm not buying the hype around Brady in Tampa. Personally, I thought he had a major decline last year in terms of arm strength and physical ability. I'm not an expert on Bruce Arians offense, but it's well known that it's built around the deep passing game. I strongly question whether Brady is physically capable of excelling in Arians' system. That being said, Tampa has A TON of talent. If Brady proves me wrong, the end of the season will probably be the worst time to play them. Won't know till December
  15. You never know how much a player is going to develop (or regress) from season to season. I'm not the hugest Oliver fan, but it's possible that he will continue to evolve if we use him to his strengths- crazier things have happened. Sheffield also shows a lot of promise and we haven't even seen Terrell play a down in the NFL. Way too early to say we don't have a number 1 CB imo
  16. I just counted, there were 18 teams with 40 or more sacks this past year. Atl went several games without a sack largely due to poor scheme and coverage on the backend. We finished the season with 28 even after our horrendous start. I’ll stand by my original post. If the improved defensive play carries over from the last half of last year, 38-42 sacks is my prediction.
  17. I still believe this team has loads of talent and potential. So I'll say 'sure.' It might seem far-fetched to a lot of people, but I could see a 40+ sack season. However, there will be a lot of other factors at play. Can our secondary force opposing QB's to hold the ball a little bit longer? Can we consistently put teams in 3rd and long? Will we spend a lot of time playing with a lead or from behind? Waaay too early to tell but I think it's possible our d-line is a top 10 unit this year.
  18. No, but I also didn’t feel good about our team heading into the 2012 and 2016 season. Shows how much I know.
  19. I’ve never heard of this guy but he sounds like a complete twatwaffle. His profile says he has a daughter. I’m shocked anyone decided to procreate with him. Maybe she’s adopted. Anyways, Russell Gage started to develop into a solid no 3 wr at the end of last season. Doesn’t sound like he watches much football. I also wouldn’t say Atlanta is a needy team. Doesn’t matter what players we have if they aren’t utilized correctly.
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