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  1. UGA’s highest rated player is their 3rd CB?
  2. According to most, Brady is Christ. So if Ryan is the anti-Brady, he must be the Antichrist. I knew we should’ve traded him for Jake Locker.
  3. Best player to ever wear No 7 for the Falcons.
  4. No arguments here. I still believe that you need a good/great defense to win it all. A great QB isn’t enough.
  5. He had a 14-13 playoff record throughout his career. I think we would all love to have that record if it brought us two championships. That being said, I would rather have someone that has more experience at evaluating players. Love Peyton, but it’s a pass for me.
  6. Hard to judge Belichick based on this season. 8 players opted out for the Patriots. Also, what is the the Patriots greatest strength? Coaching. They’ve missed a lot of practices this season due to COVID precautions. Their cap situation was also very tight this past offseason. Lots and lots of dead money which helps explain their mediocre roster. From everything I’ve read, they’re going to have a lot more cap space next season. If they continue to lose, they’ll have higher draft picks as well. I think we need another season or two to fairly judge Belichick without Bra
  7. This has been addressed by Ryan. Shanahan was sending the play calls in with too little time on the play clock. He didn’t have an opportunity to audible.
  8. These poor defensive stats tell me that we need to draft a QB that can put up 41 or more points every week. Our current QB isn’t a winner. He only lead our offense to 39 points. TATF logic
  9. Any update on Matthews? Does it sound like he will play tomorrow?
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