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  1. You never know how much a player is going to develop (or regress) from season to season. I'm not the hugest Oliver fan, but it's possible that he will continue to evolve if we use him to his strengths- crazier things have happened. Sheffield also shows a lot of promise and we haven't even seen Terrell play a down in the NFL. Way too early to say we don't have a number 1 CB imo
  2. I just counted, there were 18 teams with 40 or more sacks this past year. Atl went several games without a sack largely due to poor scheme and coverage on the backend. We finished the season with 28 even after our horrendous start. I’ll stand by my original post. If the improved defensive play carries over from the last half of last year, 38-42 sacks is my prediction.
  3. I still believe this team has loads of talent and potential. So I'll say 'sure.' It might seem far-fetched to a lot of people, but I could see a 40+ sack season. However, there will be a lot of other factors at play. Can our secondary force opposing QB's to hold the ball a little bit longer? Can we consistently put teams in 3rd and long? Will we spend a lot of time playing with a lead or from behind? Waaay too early to tell but I think it's possible our d-line is a top 10 unit this year.
  4. No, but I also didn’t feel good about our team heading into the 2012 and 2016 season. Shows how much I know.
  5. I’ve never heard of this guy but he sounds like a complete twatwaffle. His profile says he has a daughter. I’m shocked anyone decided to procreate with him. Maybe she’s adopted. Anyways, Russell Gage started to develop into a solid no 3 wr at the end of last season. Doesn’t sound like he watches much football. I also wouldn’t say Atlanta is a needy team. Doesn’t matter what players we have if they aren’t utilized correctly.
  6. I believe the tweet is discussing yards per drive. Not total yards per game
  7. Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, D Ware, Revis, Champ Bailey, JJ Watt, Aaron Donald, Urlacher, Freeney, Sapp, D Brooks, Polamalu, Earl Thomas, and Ty Law. There are also guys like Cam Jordan, Suggs, and Kuechly that have had exceptional careers. Those are just the ones that I can think of off the top of my head
  8. Peyton Manning’s 2004 season. Extremely efficient- 49 tds with less than 500 attempts. If I remember correctly, he sat the last game or two before the playoffs. Unlike 2013, he could still make every throw on the field with ease. Ryan’s 2016 season certainly belongs in the conversation. That was the greatest offense I have ever seen imo
  9. My humble opinion, 1- Unitas 2. Peyton 3. Brady 4. Marino 5. Montana 6. Brees 7. Rodgers 8. Favre 9. Elway 10. Staubach
  10. "How many times can this happen to the Saints?" Not enough
  11. Donald looked like he hurt his back on one play...
  12. The whole point of the post is that preseason isn’t always an accurate indicator for what to expect in the regular season. The oline could be terrible or it could be top 3. We’ll find out over the next couple months.
  13. I want a well-distributed passing attack, so hopefully, Matt Ryan will throw for 10,000 yards as well
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