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  1. Given all of Seattle's injuries, this could be a sequel to last week's game.
  2. Honestly, I was never a huge fan of him as a player, but I love him as a person. Being able to say "I have made mistakes" is one of the greatest things we can do in this life. We have all screwed up, and recognizing this fact can be heart changing. I'm proud of Vick
  3. From what my eyes can tell, Poole has been one of the better players on our defense this year imo. I've seen him breaking up passes, making plays in the run game, and he's been great at casino blitzes since he's arrived here. A sound argument can be made that slot corner is the hardest position behind QB. Overall, I think he's done a solid job.
  4. Bandwagon fans?? .... He must have us confused with Seahawks and Patriot (Tom Brady) fans. Isnt this coming from a guy that only roots for contenders?Cowboys got that azz waxed. Deal with it Colin.
  5. It sounds like ET will be back but there's a decent chance that Kam will sit this week due to a stinger in the last game. If Kam sits along with Sherm being done for year, we need to capitalize on their injuries the same way we took advantage of the Cowboys' missing players. Great opportunity for our offense to gain some more confidence under Sark's play calling.
  6. TD is being a snitch while acting like he's concerned about Freeman... what a fakeass tweet
  7. I noticed that as I was watching the game, but I didn't have time to admire the moment because I was irate at what had just happened. It's nice to be reminded that these are human beings beneath the helmet and pads.
  8. I guess when I think about his time in Chicago the main thing that sticks out is his last season and his breakup with Da Bears. Looks like he did have some quality production. The facts contradict my memory. However, I will stick to my statement that Hoop has been bad this year. Even though he's only in his second year, he's still a pro in the NFL. He hasn't been a reliable target in the passing game with his drops and at times he looks completely out of sorts. I'm rooting for him to continue to develop, but he has been frustrating as he!l to watch this year. If he'll just cleanup the drops, I'll stop b1tching.
  9. He's never been a great player. Its called the Tom Brady effect. He was underwhelming with Dal, Chi, and now GB. We already have enough disappointments this year. I don't think we can handle anymore. This is coming from someone that thinks Hooper has been terrible this year.
  10. I would just like to see more misdirection. That's in large part what made Devonta Coleman so special last year. I've been the most disappointed in short yardage situations.
  11. As far as the RG position goes, our OTs have been the problem imo. I think our interior line has been doing their job for the most part
  12. I would just like to add that Ryan is top 5 all time in playoff passer rating and posted a 140+ rating in the SB. If that's choking in big games, I'll take it. It's not his fault we didn't run the ball and kick the FG
  13. I don't envy them. I hate them. I won't be upset if Grady is flagged for a late hit this week.
  14. I believe they'll win... But I wouldn't bet more than $10
  15. I'm surprised how many ppl are projecting us to only score 17 points. Saying the Pat's defense is porous would be an understatement. They have a soft front and it looks like their secondary is lost most of the time. I know we've struggled executing the past couple weeks, but I'm not going to act like our team has completely forgotten how to play football. I'll take Falcons 31-28