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  1. DK Metcalf is a poor man's Tom Brady in the 3-Cone and 20-yard shuttle EDIT: Sorry. For some reason I can't copy or embed the tweet
  2. I liked the draft but so many questions have to be answered on defense. Will our safeties return to form? Can we generate a consistent pass rush? Will Trufant show some of his former glory? Do we have enough depth? For us to win a SB, all of those questions have to be answered with a yes imo.
  3. Better yet, why didn't we take Bosa and Quinnen in the first rd?
  4. Denver took Ty in the 2nd But regardless, it is nice to have a lot of first-round talent on our oline.
  5. Great article and writeup OP. And to think, all these years I thought Brady was singlehandedly responsible for the Patriots SB wins
  6. I'm just saying that both franchises/fanbases are the scum of the earth. I wish them all nothing but misery
  7. This is debatable. They both have scumbag fanbases.
  8. And to think, this team manhandled us last week...
  9. Wow. Want to become a HC in the NFL? Be the OC for a Matt Ryan lead offense. Mularkay, Koetter, Shanny, and at some point, I’m sure Sark will get an opportunity. I think he’s 1 or 2 years away though
  10. Wow! Supposedly this was pointed in the direction of his own bench? If so, can’t blame him.
  11. But Matt Ryan can't throw deep and is incapable of having success apart from Kyle Shanahan...
  12. Funny, he also had the highest passer rating for a losing QB in SB history.
  13. My hope is that this offense finds some of its 2016 magic and then Debo returns later in the season for a playoff run that finishes in the Benz. Haven’t given up at all on this season
  14. The starting lineup is sensational. I’m worried about our depth in certain areas.
  15. It was unfortunate that Willy Mo fell victim to the Bob Sanders syndrome. I respect the **** out of the guy for sacrificing his body on every play, but it definitely caught up to him.