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  1. I don't understand all of the hype over Dallas. They lost 2 OL starters, their starting secondary, and they don't have a legitimate pass rush. There's just too much turnover and not enough talent in their front 7. I'm more concerned with Tampa than Dallas. GB hasn't fielded a complete team since 2010 either.
  2. Jones and Grady are the two players that excite me the most on defense in terms of potential. I think Jones will be a lifetime Falcon and put a couple All-Pro selections under his belt. Not many ILBs have the coverage ability that he possesses.
  3. Just by watching Mizzou games last year- bull rush, spin, rip. A lot of anylysts and scouts like his rush moves. I don't think he's the next Robert Mathis, but he got 9 sacks last year in the SEC by doing something right.
  4. Signing Poe deserves high praise. It's going to have a domino effect on our defense which will have a domino effect on our team. Grady is going to have 7+ sacks this year playing alongside Poe- you can put that one in the bank!
  5. I feel like I read somewhere that he disappears in games. If that's true, that may be enough to take him off of DQ's radar altogether since he likes consistent, high motor players. But from what I've seen from him, I really like him. He's got a nice first step, good footwork, and a nice mix of moves to get to the QB. Not an incredible athlete but most or possibly all of the guys that can really bend the edge will be gone by 31. Overall, I wouldn't hate the pick.
  6. That's what I mean by his decision making is poor. Not a fan of Winston or Cam. Give me the QB that makes good decisions with accuracy, even if they have an average arm.
  7. Regardless they'll have some serious talent on O either way. I just won't be totally sold until Winston cleans up his INTs. His decision making was the knock on him at FSU and it remains to be seen if he can fix it.
  8. It looks like TB is going to be throwing deep A LOT this year. That's great and all, but those offenses typically stall out when they meet a good/great pass rush. I'm not sure how much the DJax signing will help Winston's decision making either. I think if they want to help him with his INT issues, they should focus on creating more opportunities in the short-intermediate passing game. It seemed to really help Stafford last year before he got injured.
  9. Dallas- Church, McClain, Crawford, and two of their starters on the OL (Free is retiring) GB- Cook (but added Bennett), Peppers, Tretter, and possibly Lang. There may be more but those are the players that come to mind.
  10. As far as getting back to the SB, fortunately I think a few of our top competitors in the NFC have taken a step back so far this offseason- Dallas and Green Bay with their losses in FA. Also I don't think Sea has done much if anything to improve. Honestly I think the biggest thorn in our side might be the teams in our own division. But hey, it's the NFL. It's truly unpredictable.
  11. Haha nah. I was just saying that to insinuate that my favorite player on defense is Grady- the guy in my profile pic.
  12. I cannot believe this. At the very least he's a nice rotational player. They gave up a young, 5 sack per year player to move up 8 spots in the second round???? And worst of all they gave it to the Patriots.... To all the panthers fans defending this move, this is a **** trade and makes me continue to question Rivera and their front office. I don't care if he was in a contract year or not, you don't get rid of young talent for peanuts- especially pass rushers.
  13. Don't worry guys, any minute now we'll trade Tru and Freeman for Von Miller
  14. Nothing gives me solace following the Super Bowl. However, things that give me hope for the future: 1. Grady's 3 sack performance in the SB was amazing and not a fluke. I truly believe he can become an 8-10 sack per year DT which would completely transform our defense. 2. Matt Ryan is clearly a top 5 QB in this league if not top 3. He's become the player I always envisioned he would be if put in the right system. 3. We're young 4. I believe we'll have a top 10 defense next year. The front 7 is continuing to improve, and I think our secondary with Tru is quietly one of the better units in the league. We're coming off the most devastating loss in franchise history, but the future looks much brighter than ever.