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  1. People can make friendly bets. Could be something as simple as wearing the opponent's team hat for a week, or buying lunch.
  2. Great. You show that your confidence is more than just lip service.
  3. I am not mad. I am happy. I find it humorous that people get so adamant about people in the media sharing their opinion. This isn't my team. It is Arthur Blank's team. I am a fan of the Falcons. I am not a fan of Falcon fans. It seems that certain fans, particularly homers, are overemotional zealots that ramble incoherently, just like you just did. I come on the board to point this out.
  4. I didn't complain about homers whining about the media. In fact, I rather enjoy it. I am simply asking them to back up their confidence.
  5. So you are conceding the Falcons are not popular. What does that have to do with having a double standard? It's one thing to show more coverage because of popularity, but it is another for the media to simply say teams will do better because they are more popular. That is a non-sequitur fallacy.
  6. There is no whining in my post. Just an observation. Maybe you should look up in a dictionary in what whining means. Get an education kid.
  7. Anytime the chant is generic ie the chant can be used with any team, it is lame. It is like "Go Giants go" or "Go Raiders go".
  8. If you guys are so confident the Falcons will win, maybe you guys should make a wager on it.
  9. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Smitty is set in his ways.
  10. Most likely never, till GM changes his hiring, drafting and free agency style.
  11. Maybe because the Seahawks have shown to have a great team, and the Falcons have yet to have that. Seahawks didn't just go 13-3, but they played in the toughest division and did well against great teams. Falcons, even during their prime, would struggle against good teams. Till the Falcons dominate, the fans will be weary, and for good reason. Once people start jumping on the Falcon's bandwagon, the ride is over before it begins. Falcon fans are always looking to the next season.
  12. I guess the Illuminati controlled media is conspiring against the Falcons.
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