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  1. Hey swamp ratt......where you at? Just like a ain't fan running your mouth and coming up short. Last year it was the Minnesota Miracle, this year it's the zebra no call. You aints had it coming and you ain't coming to our house. Now get the @$#%%* off our boards and go back to your swamp!!!
  2. Lol......the only idiosyncrasies is you dumb ***. Go back downstairs in your basement and eat your cheetos while your wife cooks for ur fat ***. Watch your mouth son!!
  3. I just did son........watch and fine out....you'll learn one day.
  4. Think so?.........it's not about getting there it's about winning. If they get there they won't win......guaranteed!!
  5. Lol.........I hear ya brother, that pretty much sums it up!! No Aints in our house!!
  6. Yeah I agree, he will be a free agent and we need to aggressively get him here. Also I think they should move up and get Quinn Williams. Him and Grady in the middle and Ford on one side and Takk on the other will instantly upgrade our D.
  7. Yeah Go Rams.....I totally hate the #$!& out of the cowgirls and I live in Dallas. Go Rams for now but my Dirty Birds will be back next season!!
  8. Not back to ATL joker!!!
  9. Delete. Delete. Delete
  10. I'd rather swap one of the teams for the Cowgirls.......I totally hate the #%@@* out of that team and not to be able to get revenge on them til the playoffs or whenever suxs. Oh well I'll root for the Seahawks since they are playing that turd of a team.
  11. Too long to read........just say Sark has to go and be done with it. Uggggggh!!
  12. Yeah we cosigned alright......until we get back to the Superbowl and win it this time, we will forever be remembered as the team that blew a lead of 28-3 in Superbowl history. Think about it, draft picks, changing coaches, coordinators won't matter until we re-write history.
  13. Ditto....Rodney Harrison is another one I can't stand. They both need their contracts torn up and not return next year.......so annoying!!
  14. Really? He's living in fantasy world and a fool for thinking that. Watch his @##$@*! get cut or traded over the offseason. LMAO