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  1. I don't and that's all that matters. And that's last year NOT this year!!
  2. I know more than you and btw....like Jack Nicklaus said..."You can't handle the truth "
  3. Talk is cheap, we'll see what happens.
  4. No one cares what you think first of all. Secondly opinions are just that opinions so don't call out a person who is just that sharing an opinion that is possibly a fact. Again they will draft a defensive player in the first round so all this talk falls short of the reality of what they will do and that's drafting a defensive player period!!!
  5. Look again and again think about it. Why would TD sign not just 2 but 3 guards and anyone can play RT? Remember Quinn likes guys who are versatile and can play multiple positions. They will draft a defensive guy in the 1st round as I've stated. Putting a freak like Oliver or Wilkens would wreak havoc for opposing teams.
  6. Nope......won't happen guaranteed. They are going defense, just look at what they did in free agency, they hardly touched anyone on the defensive side so that should of signaled to you that they have to be going defense in the first round. And btw, they will move up and won't stay at #14.....watch and see!!!
  7. Nope
  8. Jonah Williams is the safest pick that will bookend along with Jake Matthews. First of all IF Oliver is there at 14 which I bet he isn't we move up and if we do I'd rather have Quinn Williams.
  9. Now is our time!!!.....Rise up Falcon Nation!!
  10. Why can't you? Cause they won't....period.
  11. He had his chance, humbled or not the Falcons need to move on and give someone else a chance like Oliver or Williams if they're going to move up to #8 like rumored. If they bring him back they should of brought Vick back as well.
  12. Same here Oliver likely will be the pick.
  13. I'm thinking they'll take Oliver, he's fast and nasty like Quinn wants. But they'll have to move up to get him cause knowing TD he won't sit still at #14 for anyone he wants.
  14. Anything is possible and unpredictable when it comes to TD......stay tuned.