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  1. All of that and I say.......Not!!! Anyone who cheats to win isn't a GOAT. Joe Montana is the GOAT to me, at least the 49ers didn't cheat by any spygate on other teams to see their plays. They won their superbowls fair and square. So the **** with brandy.....he will always be a loser by cheating to win and getting special treatment. He ain't @%#$$@ !!!
  2. Yep I said it too, they should of went for the fg. When Seattle was going down the field, they should of doubled Metcalf as well but didn't.
  3. The Falcons abandoned the run in the second half. When there up or down Dirk is part of the problem. He is a passing coach first then the run. If he had of stayed with the run in the second half things might of been different. With no Julio and Calvin being doubled, the game plan should of been to stick to the run and eat up the clock. Do your homework, Dirk is just like Kyle Shanahan and doesn't know when to run the ball effectively like he did in the superbowl. At this point it doesn't matter because there's no way Dirk will officially be named the head coach next year. As I've said....
  4. Dirk is part of the problem. He should be fired as well. This guy doesn't believe in staying with the run and wants to pass all the time. Gurley had over 100 yards rushing and they abandoned the run today.
  5. And the Falcons will be the Falcons and lose just about all their remaining games. One thing for sure about the Falcons....nothing is for sure.
  6. The most Falcon thing would be if Arthur kept DQ despite the record. 🤦🏾‍♂️
  7. I don't even recognize this team anymore....so embarrassing!! 😳
  8. Painful to watch but true.....the culture of this team has to change and that starts up top. The fans don't deserve to be embarrassed week after week. He's right, ever since the superbowl the falcons haven't recovered. Time to turn the tide by changing the culture.
  9. "To point the finger, to push blame, that’s not going to help. I think that we’ve got a group of guys that are committed to that.” Oh yes it will, the problem is coaching and to consistently lose a lead and the game shows you and the rest of the coaching staff doesn't know what there doing. You are the laughing stock of the NFL and its embarrassing. Embarrassing to me and the Falcons Nation who still support this team.
  10. Chapter 3........Same ole same as always, blowing leads in the 4th quarter. I bet Dan will be fired by or before the bye week. And I do mean "bye".....and this coaching staff that refuses to run the ball with a lead in the 4th quarter.
  11. The problem is Matt Ryan??? Are you serious?? Matt Ryan has been the best QB in Falcon history and that's a fact. He just passed John Elway in passing and you say he's the problem? He's a future HOF for sure so don't point the finger at him....point it at the coaches and that starts with DQ!!
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