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  1. I don’t understand this? They don’t have an Olineman that can play DL? It would seem they still have dozens of available guys even if they had to run some wild 2-5-4 defense or something. Is there a rule or stipulation I am unaware of?
  2. So in deciphering this, Jonas help facilitate conversation between players and coaches? Because a whole group of players were fixing to go into the portal? I got a little confused bc it mentioned recruiting at the same time. And was LeCountes post about his health or the team?
  3. I think people sleep on Murray. If I had to pick a QB for one game from our entire history it may be him.
  4. I didn’t watch. Please tell me he didn’t say Bennett did what he had to do
  5. i hope it doesn’t take another loss, or two for kirby to change
  6. Yea when asked about his performance for Kirby to say Bennett did great only had three possessions and looked good is a joke. For folks to mention the first drive is silly. Like yea he looked good handing off. It’s like watching politicians thinking we can’t see what’s happening
  7. I believe Today is the day Milton wakes everyone up. Zeus is good to very good and I love his story and he is our starter. Milton is the highest ceiling guy we have on offense in my eyes. He may be a top 10 pick
  8. ANY Atlanta sports fan who curses the sky, and threatens to never watch again.....shouldn't be chastised. They have that right, they have earned it. Over and over and over to watch the teams lead series and games only to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. I don't think I can ever enjoy anything again. Even when we are way up, I think I wonder which way we will find to lose. Its a gut punch. I don't know if I can recover.
  9. After a good sleep, my biggest surprise is how much our secondary was abused. I really thought we could limit those big plays more than we did. On some our DBs looked overmatched, which is surprising because talent isn't the issue. At QB, I understand. Bennett is playing at or above his perceived ceiling. He cannot win a championship against an elite team without a great run game and good to great defense. And our defense, to me, was a disappointing.
  10. Your opinion. We raise accountable men over here. We love no doubt. But you have to handle your assignment. And perhaps there was a little hyperbole in that statement kilroy
  11. If my 8 yr old son pulled that I’d be all in his *** in the car ride home. These grown *** men. Been playing twenty years. We professionals
  12. We even took a timeout to discuss what to do in the inside kick
  13. Yes and no. Cejudo’s position is he has given enough of his time and soul to these sports. He is happy to move on. BUT, if it is a life impacting amount of money, he would sacrifice. It’s a trade off. He isn’t willing to continue to do it for what he is making. If the money doesn’t come to change his mind he is done. As Ted DiBiase said, “ Every man has his price “
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