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  1. Yes and no. Cejudo’s position is he has given enough of his time and soul to these sports. He is happy to move on. BUT, if it is a life impacting amount of money, he would sacrifice. It’s a trade off. He isn’t willing to continue to do it for what he is making. If the money doesn’t come to change his mind he is done. As Ted DiBiase said, “ Every man has his price “
  2. To me the sport is healthier than ever before. It has evolved and the fighters today are more well-rounded than in the past barring a few exceptions like GSP. It has developed a strong following worldwide and has drawn in multiple disciplines’ fan bases. Kids are training for MMA at a younger age and aren’t coming up as teenagers only doing Karate or wrestling or boxing.
  3. I would say he may be 50/50. He is satisfied with what he has accomplished and understands how much of his life he has sacrificed. But if the right amount of $$ comes along he would do it. He has said as much. I personally prefer him to stay away. He went out on top and deserves it.
  4. Not a stretch. Overall I would say debatable for sure. Defensively no one has been close.
  5. It looked as if he was in. TN locker room or support office. He took in right down. Sorry I didnt mean to feed into the hysteria
  6. That averages to almost the same. So I wouldnt argue against it. Seems many like Albies at the top. Maybe his size and position lend some assumptions there. Although cleanup for his size or 2nd base is not unprecedented. Especially in modern day ball.
  7. After such a successful rebuild I am surprised at how many "fans" seem to hate the management and team in general.
  8. But using the same logic, in that scenario if Arendo got hurt the line up would be screwed
  9. You could very well be right. Although I am not like some people who are very upset, almost all reports on the situation were at least partly inaccurate. Braves seem to not have went 3 yrs, much less 4. I dont want to take a stwp back but believe Riley, Waters, and Pache are very very close and dont want to block them. AAs job isnt an easy one. I do not envy some of those decisions.
  10. There is another clip where he says the Braves offered a day or two before he signed with Twins
  11. James Cook now has hope. Our TE transfer should fit in well.
  12. I watched Jay Schroeder in a skills contest and he was bonkers.
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