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  1. Its high time for Ozzie to figure it out and get hot we could use it now.
  2. I know we got the subs in but can we get Cook in space or a sweep or a pitch? I mean dang just take a knee
  3. Man what did I miss
  4. It is so weird. We are up 42-7 at half and I feel like we just haven't played very well. We have had in fighting, several too many penalties, guys not lined up right or on time, the Crumpton getting too close to the punt, Fromm taking sacks. Am I spoiled? I just know what it will take to beat Bama or someone else
  5. Why does Fromm look list against MTSU? WTF. Throw it away. U are in their for your decision amking skills. And today are making horrible decisions
  6. Holyfield looks very solid
  7. For the penalty or stupidly standing next to the rolling punt
  8. What in all things that are holy was Fromm doing there? He could see the rush. Was he just going to eat it in the end zone? He cannot make plays like that and win against top 5 programs. Jesus Christ
  9. We will look for you. In sure they have extra security detail for Snitker today
  10. Holyfield!!
  11. Will u just put the game in already
  12. What? Why. What did I miss
  13. First game my son has watched with me this year and he is loving Acuna. Arent we all?
  14. Im curious as to what this means