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  1. 3 years/90 million?? Surely they didnt think he would take 10 per. Im not sure why they thought he would take 3 yrs unless it was just to win.
  2. These guys have to know the facts behind these long term hige money deals.
  3. Man this forum is wildin' out. Is there a forum where we talk about serious baseball?
  4. Yea but I think Grantham is way overpaid. The average DC salary in the NFL is like half million or .maybe a little more. He makes a million per now. I assume Cleveland offered less.
  5. Now thats a potentially huge development
  6. Just want to see him healthy. No kick returns or coverage. We dont have to rush him this year. Next year we NEED him at 100. He can he special but 1 more injury and he might be a what could have been.
  7. So listen up guys, I have an announcement. I am plannin a formal protest at Suntrust Park sometime very soon. We can sit here and gripe on a message board or we can get out and have our voices be heard. As fans we should have a bigger voice and we should fight back against our oppressors. We have been taken advantage of and abused too long. This rebuild may have only been a few years but its felt like decades and thats all that matters, our feelings right? These front office monarchs need to be aware of the dissention in the ranks. Not only have we been oppressed but outright lied to and manipulated. We were told many things going into the offseason. These were "offered" to inspire electricity in the fanbase. We "accepted " it gleefully. This is the basis of a legal contract, an offer, and an acceptance. If enough support is generated we will look into filing a lawsuit for breach of contract and who know these days we may get some money for our pain and suffering. I mean I cant even watch MLB Network anymore its just too depressing. DM if interested and I will update when we have a firm date and time. Thank you all. PS. Also we will be organizing an angry mob to head to Bruce Sutters house to send a stern warning on how we feel about his highway robbery stunt. We gonna take that money out of his most likely gorgeous lawn.
  8. So are comp would have been Riley, Ian Anderson, and what a lower prospect or either Flowers? Meh, id hold firm too.
  9. I believe 1 team reports pitchers and catchers in 6 days, many in 7 days, and almost everyone by day 10. When does the dam burst? Or does it?
  10. Seems we have offered an unusuall large number of QBs lately. Maybe just me
  11. I seen we have spoken to Gio Gonzalez recently about a one year deal
  12. SD wont get Realmuto and Harper.
  13. As I said the catcher is flat. Im not saying hedge everything on the kids but thats what the rebuild was develop your own guys. Why is that viewed as bad now? And I hear every year how the nats and phillies got better and then see them flail and fall apart.
  14. Not to be argumentative at all, but we did have 3 all stars out of 8 position players. And a silver slugger and 3 gold gloves. I do agree we could handle some upgrades there, but how many all stars would be enough? And we added Donaldson who if healthy could be an allstar. And those didn't include Acuna. Like I said, I agree we could handle an upgrade, but it isn't so bad. Especially considering the only falloff one might expect is Markakis. I would expect Freeman, the catcher spot, Inciarte to be flat on production. Then Albies, Acuna, and Swanson I hope improve. And the bench is light years better. We are a better team than what ended the year. And until the Nationals do something besides beat their chests and claim themselves the rulers of Asgard, I don't buy them doing much of nothing.
  15. I thought the plan the whole time was to have all the young guys come up and be impactful. I thought that was the point of the rebuild. If the point was to buy players that could have been done long ago (with appropriate funding).