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  1. I totally missed another issue with Soroka.
  2. Wow it was 2-1, we had lost Folty, and I thought this game was heading in a bad direction. I go shower and now its 8-2.
  3. Yea, and I havent looked at the numbers but as Unknown seemed to allude to, that lineup order seemed effective
  4. So why did he do it? Did I hear AA aksed him to try it?
  5. Oh my!! I was just thinking about that yesterday driving to work. Wondering when he might get a call. He has been my favorite pitching prospect all along. I am sure I will be wrong but I feel he is a long career winner.
  6. Interesting lineup
  7. Its not that bad tbh. Direct tv now really is a decent deal. With the new dvr service too, which i have yet use, u get about everything. But if and you have a firestick, I could direct you to several apps where u can watch literally anything u want. Sometimes there is a lag here or there. But man for a couple hundred bucks a month, it just aint that big a deal to me. Maybe to someone else, but not me.
  8. Well i think i made my thoughts on where he should be hitting known. And it aint 6th
  9. Speaking of Hamels...... http://www.nj.com/sports/index.ssf/2018/05/mlb_trade_rumors_phillies_braves_yankees_battle_fo.html
  10. Man IKR, I wasnt even home yet. Wished I could watched
  11. That is impressive for auch a young team. Imagine if we had an O'Ventrel
  12. Ive been away a few days and Ender has done us proud. If we get steady but consistent growth from this team, watch out.
  13. We werent discussing how he hits LHP. But I will give you kudos, you do a good job picking out sorting statistics to fit your narrative. So I am sure whenwe hit any 6 week span in the season the 2 guys numbers are flip flopped you would support flipping their spots in the order? Man, I really am noy trying to engage jn a EC vs OA argument atvall. I wany both guys to excel. My point was why hit the SB leader 6th?