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  1. So when do we here on Galliard? And so Ledbetter confirmed he is back. SIAP.
  2. You are right we should all be fair. And to be fair perhaps isolating Julio wasn't the right decision. It is probably the best matchup with conventional thought. However I do believe I read that prior to that pass we were 1 for 17 targeting Julio in the end zone. I would say statistically speaking he was the target with the least probability of catching a TD.
  3. Sean Payton is a punk azz beatch
  4. I am nothing but OVERWHELMING impressed with Mr. Eason's character. A great young man who exhibited class, humility, selflessness, and put team first in a way everyone likes to say, but I doubt many of us older folks actually walk as good a walk as young Jacob did. Wow, I will forever be a fan.
  5. And lest us not forget that the knee pick still is what most likely cost us this game. We could have kickeda short FG there
  6. I agree the play call did not put our personnel in a position to succeed necessarily. But good Lord Julio did fall and then missed the ball totally. He is good but not clutch, not a leader, and not the GOAT.
  7. Call Julio the GOAT all you want. I know different
  8. I think we should be asking how much did we save on Dimarco
  9. We should not be making such big mistakes. We have way too much experience here
  10. We gotta go. But I guess this drive is it probably anyways