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  1. This is the same stadium the Falcons play in?? This place is on FIRE>
  2. If we choke this away.......I swear to GOD.
  3. So what is everyone's feelings on the market for Markakis? No doubt he had an amazing year and is solid, but I don't think anyone thinks he matches it next year or beyond. Is his agent asking for 3-5 years or are they ok with 2?
  4. Shocked to hear this from him. But to be honest he makes a very compelling argument. Still say you go 8 teams deep with the 5 P5 Conf champs abd 3 at large and much of this goes away. Someone needs to get Notre Dame in a conference. Their schedule is too easily manipulated.
  5. Guys help. I have no audio here. What was the PI for
  6. Set up here at wrestling tourney with laptop and hot spot. Lets go!! Missed a little have we had any outside runs yet?
  7. I just read a story on the Venters signing. Hadnt heard that yet. Happy they Kinda payed him "above" slot so to speak. Seemed like a good gesture and also not a huge risk since contracts are not 100% guaranteed there.
  8. Voted. Up by shade over 1k votes!!
  9. To me that is a huge recruiting talking point. Come here, play early, get plenty of showcase time, some stats, big game experience, win some championships, get drafted early, have less wear on the body by sharing the load so you make some cash in the league.
  10. Ahhhhh, thank you. I am sure the sequel was quite the watch.
  11. Clever yes. But....didnt that team in that movie win the World Series that year??