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  1. Freeman good lord son
  2. His resurgence has been fairly amazing
  3. Welp old man Verlander just threw a no-no
  4. Seems Drew Waters was named Southern League MVP
  5. I just read this on twitter. This is so disappointing. Hopefully, someone can get a hold of him and work out his issues because he has too much talent to be getting shelled this way. It isn't just control and BBs, he is getting hit quite often. I haven't seen any advanced metrics on how hard he is getting hit, but he is too electric for this to be the way he fizzles out.
  6. All this and we may get help from Riley, Swanson, Markakis, Ender, even O'Day(?).
  7. No one should mitigate the point you are making here. Some people or teams just win. Its hard to create and hard tl put your finger on the exact reason at times. But it is a huge deal.
  8. Idc. I would be more inclined to get guys out of there not get more in. Just a few weeks ago a guy on his way to testify about corruption was murdered. This need not break down to a political debate but baseball is the least of Venezuela's concerns right now.
  9. I wouldnt send my prospects down there to start with. MLBPA argues about protecting players from splinters but is willing to send them down at this time in their history?
  10. Dont sleep on Matty boy. Just seen a stat line speaking on despite our injuries we have been one of the top offensive teams in the league lately. #trainkeepsrolling
  11. I understand people being leery of it. But if 1 kid gets seriously injured its 1 too many. And if I remember correctly there has been 1 or 2 beyond the dugouts.
  12. Im just here to say say Newk sucks. Peace out!
  13. An important detail. Thoughts on Camargo making post season roster?
  14. I missed the game last night so I only have 2 observations/comments. (1) just don't agree with the win criteria for a pitcher. Martin shouldnt get the win for 1/3 of an inning after Dallas' performance. (2) seems we still have to have a bullpen guy step up and seize the closer role. Inhave faith itll settle in
  15. Which MLB do you cheer for?