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  1. But not more Yards per play? What about points? I think thats the stat thats on the big scoreboard right?
  2. Close game early. NE has early lead and regains lead in 2nd quarter. Atl up at half 20-17. Atl pulls away in third and finishes holding off a late surge to win 41-31.
  3. Anything can happen but thata a mighty bold prediction. What I look at to see how we have improved is we lost to Seattle earlier then smoked em in the playoffs. We beat GB in a close game but im the playoffs we smoked em. I think we are playing much better. And thats scary.
  4. You are exactly right
  5. When I read it was described as a "chip fracture" I felt much better.
  6. Trent Dilfer not only picked NE but predicted a blowout saying this may get out of hand early. Wow man. Wow
  7. Someone wanna tell me wtf Godwin is laughing about? I swear to god
  8. I think we have had one drive today. ONE drive.
  9. Tackles are doing a decent job?
  10. I support shotgun no huddle. Just saying
  11. You are dead nuts on.
  12. Nice pursuit and tackle