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  1. Thank you for looking that up. That got me wondering more so I looked at it. Isn't basic WAR cumulative? So the longer you play, the higher your WAR. Andrew's WAR per year is higher than Jeter's by my arithmetic. Which to me would be more significant since the knock on him was he played to long and his later years sucked. But if they sucked so bad wouldn't it have killed his yearly average? Maybe I am being to simplistic, just seems Andryw was worth more WAR each year he played than Jeter
  2. True on OF, BUT, Murphy was a good OF with a nice arm and Andruw might be the best CF defensively to ever play...maybe
  3. Am I mistaken in thinking Jeters WAR isn't that much better than Andruws?
  4. I do believe Allard has a nice, high ceiling. But also the highest floor, which for me almost makes him a can't miss type guy as long as his back is as sound as I have read it is. It sure sounds like Gohara has an amazing ceiling. Imagine if he did develop another pitch to go with what K26dp has already described above. But hey, I thought Chuck James was a high floor guy too, so.
  5. Yes, the highest floor, that is the term I was searching for. Speaking of Gohara, has anyone seen him pitch in person? If so, is his fastball truly as billed?
  6. I am really surprised at the cooling on Allard. I am not a prospect guru by any stretch, but I simply feel of all the pitchers, he has the highest chance of having a long productive career. Maybe he doesn't have the highest ceiling or it factor, but I sincerely think he could pitch 10-12 years at a good level.
  7. Out of curiosity, I wonder what time And if that helicopter was one or was there a contingency? I seen 4 black chopper fly over here (NC) about 330 yesterday.
  8. Thank you kind sir for elaborating. I have similar feelings as you do in this subject.
  9. Why you think they just keep chunking it up in the air? They either get it or its PI.
  10. Wow. Just casually watching today, obviously no dog in the fight. But man, you cannot just hand out touchdowns like candy refs. Geez Loiuse.
  11. Well Gary, looks like BUST it is.
  12. So when do we here on Galliard? And so Ledbetter confirmed he is back. SIAP.
  13. You are right we should all be fair. And to be fair perhaps isolating Julio wasn't the right decision. It is probably the best matchup with conventional thought. However I do believe I read that prior to that pass we were 1 for 17 targeting Julio in the end zone. I would say statistically speaking he was the target with the least probability of catching a TD.
  14. Sean Payton is a punk azz beatch
  15. I am nothing but OVERWHELMING impressed with Mr. Eason's character. A great young man who exhibited class, humility, selflessness, and put team first in a way everyone likes to say, but I doubt many of us older folks actually walk as good a walk as young Jacob did. Wow, I will forever be a fan.