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  1. The amount of silence about this is odd lol
  2. I agree. There are a lot of talented Hwt now and a guy like Overeem always has his experience and savvy to pull from. However, I never felt he had a realistic shot at a title. Maybe a title fight, but he is just simply a level below Ngannou, Jon Jones, and Stipe at this point.
  3. There was an odd exchange very early in the first round. Overeem seemed to felt something early that was more power than he expected. Or that he didn’t want to be there. It was odd. Maybe it was just him playing coy, but it really struck me as odd. It gave me a bad feeling for Overeem’s chances in the fight, and i was rooting for him
  4. OMG are we having this Fromm/Fields conversation again
  5. Man old crazy legs. That dude ran like he had just stole somebody’s tv or someone was shooting. But i loved it
  6. With all the DB departures there will be opportunity for guys to show what they got. Ringo and Speed sounds like a sitcom name.
  7. This offense has the potential to be historic. Close to Bama this year and LSU last
  8. Oh, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Interesting tidbit on Waters, because it makes one really consider who we are in the market for. If the thought is Waters is in the majors by year end, it may change things.
  9. So how do you see this outfield rounding out?
  10. I am quite sure he meant nothing by it whatsoever. I wasn't raised in the community but my maternal grandmother was full blooded and it wasnt insulting when it was said that way. So I am not sure what you mean by your "own ranks". Just inform him of his faux pas and move on. No need to scream and curse.
  11. I don’t understand this? They don’t have an Olineman that can play DL? It would seem they still have dozens of available guys even if they had to run some wild 2-5-4 defense or something. Is there a rule or stipulation I am unaware of?
  12. So in deciphering this, Jonas help facilitate conversation between players and coaches? Because a whole group of players were fixing to go into the portal? I got a little confused bc it mentioned recruiting at the same time. And was LeCountes post about his health or the team?
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