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    atlanta falcons winning the super bowl and becoming a dynasty team.
  1. by the time hd uncovers the ball is out ryans hand...
  2. we throw the ball way more than we run
  3. didnt like the fourth and one call the firs drive i think where we punted, shows we still arent exactly confident in our o line just yet. didnt like the time it took for our o line to sync didnt like the fact that matt ryan didnt take the big shots even when giving time in some cases. hated the officiating !!!! loved everything else about the team.
  4. think this guy looks amazing now, just wait til he gains more confidence in his o line. lethal"
  5. lol... not really sure i should be laughing at that one but heck the truth is the truth.
  6. the truth hurts... bro!! did you really have to go there.
  7. honestly i didn't even consider the saints a threat or challenge a few years back before the whole vick vs pete fiasco... still dont respect those bumbs.
  8. true true!! i seriously believe julio will be the difference maker inside the 20 comes monday.
  9. falcons 42-13!!!! no respect for the aint's, just like the days of vick.. but matt's better.
  10. 38-35 those are alot of points for our d to give up... highly unlikely.
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