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  1. Exactly! He's not going anywhere any time soon, so just get over it. There are a lot more interesting and relevant topics about the team to discuss than Matt Ryan. By pretty much all measures, QB Rating, QBR, etc, MR is a Top 10 QB. And the impression of him from the Nat'l media is generally the same. There are absolutely ZERO alternatives in the near future to replace him, and none of can predict the future as to whether he will lead us to a SB win.
  2. Agree with this. Let's play the game the way the Patriots do-- cut/trade player while they are still close to their prime. Snelling and Rodgers both played well, I thought, this year. A 2nd rounder could come in very handly this year.
  3. There's just no doubt that we have some of the best offensive talent in the league, but that we completely and utterly UNDERPERFORMED this year-- by any reasonable expectation. DId Ryan miss some throws and lack killer instinct? Did Roddy drop far too many passes? Did the O-Line run block poorly? The answers are all YES. But generally we have exceptional talent on that side of the ball-- some of the best, if not the best, the team has ever had in it's entire existence. This year the PLAYS are more to blame than the PLAYERS for how the season ended IMO,
  4. Awesome writeup. Thanks. Virtually every writeup I've read by the press has been positive to very positive about the hiring. Seems only us fans were freaked out. It's pretty bad with the NFCS ESPN beat writer feels compelled to immediately write a blog post suggesting we all chill out .
  5. Could be. A good sign, I think, that they let Matt talk to him beforehand.
  6. I like what I heard from him. I wanted slashy move (not sure exactly what that would have been, however-- especially compared to the DC position), but I will reserve judgement until next season. Certainly he has MUCH more talent here than in JAX. If he just does two things-- get the WRs the ball in space (and on the move) and improve the screen game, then he'll have gone a long way toward maximizing talent. IF we hire a no-name for DC (other than Spags or Nolan) then I WILL be seriously pissed.
  7. ABSOLUTLY. Some here have thousands of dollars per year invested in this team, plus the time invested on this forum. Others, like myself who live outside ATL have just our time invested. AB, on the otherhand, has hundreds of millions of dollards invested in the team. He's the only one who really deserves answers!
  8. Look, this is a VERY competitive league. Given the size of all NFL teams' playbook, it's virtually certain that every team has most of the same plays in their book. The difference lies in the game plan week-to-week and what plays are actually called in the game. MM was PROVEN to be a conservative play caller, even with a boat load of offensive playmakers available to him. While I am not personally thrilled with this hire, I will take a wait and see approach before slamming the hire. Obviously, Koetter had no where near the offensive firepower at JAX that MM had at ATL. You must know the extreme pressure AB placed on TD and MS. It seems safe to assume that MS preferred someone he knew well, but that TD accepted Koetter's plan for the Falcons offense. You absolutely DON'T get hired at a job like this (or in any competitive job market) without the ability to articulate exactly what you plan to do. Since I trust AB and TD more than I do MS, at the moment, then I will accept the fact that they 'bought into' Koetter's plan for maximizing the potential of the talent we have.
  9. Not sure exactly what the league rules are here-- but it would be pretty hard (maybe impossible) for GB to deny an interview for QB Coach to OC position change.
  10. Absolutely! The public beat-down by Blank sent the intended message to TD and MS. At this point, I think MS has no option but to support the hiriing of a more agressive OC. TD's vision (evidenced by the JJ trade) will finally come to fruition-- or even his job will be in jeopardy. That's certainly the message AB delivered on the plane back from NYC.
  11. Or the offensive philosophy IS the problem. GIVE IT A REST. We know how you and a few other feel. But you MUST know, right, that TD isn't going to give up on Ryan any time soon. He WILL be our QB next year and the year after that, etc, etc-- not matter how many times you say you don't want it to be so.
  12. Jackson would be a big mistake IMO. We need someone MUCH more creative on offense. TD didn't trade for JJ to run the super conservative offense (from the 70's to 90's era) that MM (and by default, Smith) like to run. I'm just praying that TD pulls Smith into his office and lays down the law. Luckily, we know who the boss is, and the bosses boss! We need an offensive guru ("genus' perhaps) to make the best use out of our talent-- which is top notch. Someone like that already has a OC job (or HC) and so isn't going to be accessible by us. TD needs to look for the next up and coming star-- who's learning under a master. Perhaps it's the QB coach at one of our high-powered competitors-- can you say GB, NO or NE??? Perhaps someone from the college ranks? I for one will be happy if I've barely heard of the guy. No retread's allowed!
  13. Yes, I agree he played better than he has in awhile. Maybe our new DC will actually know how to instill confidence in the players we have and make the most of their talent.
  14. No wonder Atlanta is seen as the worst sports city in the country.....just so sad. Burning the jersey of the best QB we've ever had? It's no wonder some people believe that we're a joke-- because the kids in this video are....
  15. Not with just one playoff win. Get us to the NFC championship game this year, and play well in it (so two wins and playing well in one game short of the Super Bowl) then Matt will be considered by the media to one step below Brees, Rodgers and Brady-- meaning, solidly within the top 4-6 QBs in the league. Overall, his stats are close to, or in, the range right now (Std Qb Rating, QBR, PFF, etc). If he were to somehow beat all three of those guys (including Manning) in one playoff run, not likely, but possible, then he certainly would be considered elite!
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