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  1. Most of you guys where pretty cool leading up to the game,and the pre game discussion was pretty sweet.....But Vel can kiss my butt!!!! Good game though,if it wasnt for butterfingers it might have turned out different.
  2. I can understand why you're bitter.....
  3. Dude!!!!!!! I thought you might come around and say the Texans played a good game........Naaaaaahhh...I know what you're about.
  4. Hardly...all we have to do is beat the Tits and the Dolts.
  5. I'm going to say it right now....If the Texans lose it's not going to be because our QB sucks. If i'm wrong I'lll be back to eat my crow.
  6. How can you call a guy incompetent who steps into the game with no warm up and marches it down the field against the FOURTH ranked D in the NFL? I've said it numerous times ....he doesnt have to be perfect...all he has to do is throw a few against your incompetent secondary.
  7. Thats the last thing it will come down to. The Texans beat the Falcons in pretty much every stat out there.
  8. He wasn't capable of it? And you know this how? Talk about speculation.
  9. You just confirmed that you know nothing about football.....I will be ignoring you from here on out.
  10. Fair enough...but you quoted him. I wont go into why Kubs played conservative,because I think you know why.
  11. After seeing how many post you have I would like to think you know more about football then that.
  12. Vel The Texans are no longer a pass first team. They win by wearing down the D. We have three **** good RBs. Foster and Tate are enough to gas most Ds,when you add Ward to the mix it's usually to much for most Ds to handle. I am really looking forward to this game,it's gonna be a knock down drag out slobber fest!!!!!!
  13. I would say thats accurate to a certain extent. I'm sure he will make some rook mistakes,but I dont think they will cost us the game. He has to good of a supporting cast. And kubs is known for his QB development.
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