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  1. 1 hour ago, falcons007 said:

    Folks forget Harry Douglas had a 1000 yard season. HD was no number 2. 

    If you give a running back enough carries he rush for 1000 yards. HD was the guy because both Julio and Roddy were down. He had enough catches to have 1k yards. The difference is did he impact the game? The answer is no. Julio impacts the game. Ridley impacts the game. Gage does not. Like HD. HD scared nobody. If he was a true game impacter he would’ve done so in Tenn. Turner impacted the game in San Diego when Tomlinson went down. He wasn’t just getting bulk carries. He was hurting defenses. And that impact continued with us. I see a lot of ppl like to bring up HD’s 1k season(by default). Throw enough passes or give enough carries and anybody can have 1k yards. How they effect the game is what matters. Julio draws coverage. Turned kept the lb’s close to the line. That effects the game. 

  2. 4 hours ago, kiwifalcon said:

    Ditto my man good to see you back.

    Whats the pass mark for the new regime in your eyes year 1?

    What’s good kiwi? Been a minute I know. I see year one getting back to what WE do. Wide zone runs with play action off of that. I think year one the offense can really get back to what we’re used to from them. IF they get the running game back on course. But the players are there and the familiarity with the system will be back in play. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, athell said:

    Very much same.  Fontenot and Smith ended up being my primary wants so I'm thrilled.  Pees should actually bring a consistent defense.  I'm pumped man can't wait for the off-season signings and draft to begin.

    Me either. That pairing should be good. I’m actually excited for the off season to play out. 

  4. Just now, athell said:

    Same.  Busy!  But all is well man glad to see you posting here again.  How you feeling our off-season hires?

    Loving what I’m seeing. Some really good hires. So real football guys. Smart guys. And Smith has the right idea with the offense he wants to run. We will get to see a REAL version of the WCO without being DK’d. And being that he will call the plays makes it much better. I love when an offensive minded HC calls his own plays. Payton, Reid, Lafleur, Etc...Also utilizing wide zone again. That’s how this team was built and Quinn effed it up going away from how it was built in 2015. But I’m def loving it so far. Also the GM hire is great. Glad TD is gone. He did a lot of good things while he was here but he did a ton of bad things that hurt Us too.  it was time to cut him lose. 

  5. 33 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

    Pees like to keep backend simple and it has to hold for him to mix up front seven with blitzes. Falcons should try to trade down but if they don’t have a trade partner, they need to be comfortable picking the best player for the team. You grab the guy/s when they are on the board.

    No doubt. 

  6. Surtain makes sense because he fits man to man. Which we will play a lot of with Peas at the helm. Especially with the blitzing he will do. A corner in that system doesn’t have to have the greatest long speed because the pressure the blitz brings shortens the coverage. He’s also physical and plays tough at the line. Which helps disrupt timing and keeps him in phase with a wr. I haven’t seen anything that gives me pause about him at Bama. He’s a legit corner. He comes from good pedigree. My wish list is corner and RB with the 1st 2 picks. Maybe not at 4 but we can probably drop back and get him at around 9 or 10. 

  7. 21 minutes ago, hjerry said:

    I remember sometime back reading an article about how a team did their boards vs other teams. It noted that they had a prospect on their boards that almost every team they knew had as a 1st round pick, but they had him as a 3rd round pick for reasons of differences in scheme and depth.

    For example, if you're a team that run mostly man, and a top tier zone CB, but who struggles in man, falls to you, you very well may pass.

    Exactly. It’s not as easy as “well he’s the best player on the board, let’s take him”. He could absolutely suck in your system. And that’s a perfect example. Man corners vs zone corners. Deion sanders is the prototype of man corners. He NEVER wanted to play zone. But he COULD play zone. You take him as a true BPA. Asante Samuel excels at zone. Was ok at man but you’re likely a zone team that wants him. There’s still strategy involved with BPA. 

  8. BPA isn’t so cut and dry. It’s still BPA based on your scheme and philosophy. Is the BPA a player that can play in any system or is he a system specific type player. Like a 3-4  outside LB. Or ZBS blocking lineman or Power blocking lineman. BPA isn’t and shouldn’t be solely just the best player available period. Bill belichik trades back if the BPA doesn’t fit his system. There is still a strategy to BPA. 

  9. 10 hours ago, Forged in Fire said:

    He turns 32 in a couple weeks. Will be 32 and a half when the season starts. As far as NFL receivers go he is a old man. What if what we saw this year is a precursor of things to come. That he spends a good deal of time on the sideline or on IR.

    Not worth 23 million in my book. Would rather see him get traded and at least get one possibly two young guys on the roster




    As far as AVERAGE receivers go he is an old man. Freaks of nature slow down to normal 1st. 

  10. On 1/23/2021 at 7:01 PM, PensacolaFalcon said:

     I love Juilo ... However seems the last couple of years he has become quite injury prone.  After most catches he gets up like an 80 year old man that just broke his hip and it seems his hamstring is held together by duct tape and Flex Seal.  Right now he still has value one more season like last year and maybe not so much.

    Jim Brown played the same way. After every tackle he got up slow. It’s a tactic. Get up slow like you’re hurt on every play. Julio never got up fast tho. He always took his time getting up unless they were in hurry up. 

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