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  1. It’s plays like that why I don’t watch nfl football like I used too. Game is too soft. QB’s are still football players. What more could he do? They want the defensive players to put THEIR bodies in danger trying to alter a tackle to protect a QB. Meanwhile Matt rarely gets those calls.
  2. This is what I’ve been saying for YEEEEEARS!!!! Picking early guarantees nothing. Football isn’t like basketball where one player can change your fortunes. I think we ate a talented team that needs a coach that holds EVERY player accountable, including his stars. Gets on their @sses just as quickly as the 53rd player until it becomes the culture. If stars like Matt and Julio were held accountable to the point where we’d trade tf outta you like BB will his stars I think you’d see a team that plays up to their potential and other stats would be willing to come here to play for that kind of coach
  3. See I don’t subscribe to this. Yes technically you could say he was a part of the problem but it wasn’t his team. Quinn was the boss and we don’t know if Morris wanted to do something and Quinn shot it down. Every assistant with NE does things Bill’s way. Some HC’s hand tie their assistants. I mean one week after Quinn was fired we saw creativity on offense and defense. That alone shows you that they were following Quinn’s blueprint. As DC he coordinates the defense but when they sit down at team meetings I have no doubt Quinn was yaying or naying ideas his assistants had with the plan. So yea
  4. Right. I look at it as trying to get the best out of the defense and the players you have. Foye has been one of the best players on defense if not THE best so far. Let’s start putting players in position to make plays. I think Quinn’s defense got stale and Morris is shaking things up even tho it’s the same system. Showing different looks and packages. And if you recall when he was HC of the Bucs they had a good defense. Offense was their issue.
  5. It’s not for safety coverage. It’s for certain packages. Just like the Seahawks have certain packages for Adams as a rush end. It’s for versatility. You can keep all your best players on the field without losing anything. Foye is smart so him not playing safety doesn’t mean anything. Deion sanders didn’t play wr for years and it didn’t bother him when the cowboys put him there for certain packages. Who’s the DL we had that played OL??? And did fairly well. So him not playing safety means absolutely nothing. He’s a football player. Julio is a football player. Adam’s is a football player. Deion
  6. He is a DB tho. He played safety in college. He played LB in certain packages while in school. We drafted him to play LB. He still has safety speed. He’s faster than Neal actually. A package with him at SS covering TE’s and Neal in the box could be intriguing.
  7. Foye is a safety by trade. He was converted to a LB but still has speed. It’s not a bad idea. I actually feel like what took you so long? They should’ve been had a package with him at safety on certain downs. That way you can get Neal in the box, Foye to cover TE’s from the SS spot. Kinda brilliant actually. Foye is faster than Neal and is as smart as Rico. Would be interesting for sure and confuse qb’s.
  8. We’d need a whole lotta help from everybody to have a shot lol. But I do hope they go on a run.
  9. Extended a few plays today.
  10. Definitely got stale. Great to see inspired energy. Sometimes all it takes is a new message.
  11. Today looked like Kyle’s system.
  12. Cmon y’all now that was kinda funny that Did a Keyser Soze on us lol.
  13. Now that was a difference. They moved Neal around today. There was more creativity on defense today. Loved it.
  14. They’ve been running 3 LB’s all year. The rookie has played in every game. It’s all matchups. You DO NOT want 3 LB’s on the field when the offense has 3 wr’s. It’s common sense really. 3 wr’s is gonna naturally put you in a nickel situation. You telling me you want Jefferson in the slot matched up with a LB? Think about that bro? You just haven’t been paying attention but walker has been playing since game 1. It’s situational football. You’d be cussing Raheem out if a LB was matched up with a WR in the slot. The SORRIEST QB will see that mismatch and exploit it.
  15. I think they did what you’re supposed to do to a 1-4 team. Smash them. If they both were truly bad or talentless teams it would’ve been a close game. It was a blow out. Exactly what you expect when one team is better than another.
  16. I think it was time. I feel like TD forced his coaches to play HIS faves. If you notice both Smith and Quinn were aggressive coaches their first few seasons and then got soft. Today I saw a team that used players that normally sit on the bench and they made plays. HUGE plays. It’s time for a GM that doesn’t look I’m Montana for talent. A gm that finds those dawgs we need. I didn’t hate TD and he’s still the best gm we’ve had to this date but I do feel he meddled too much with his HC’s and made them do things they didn’t want to do. Quinn and smith both suffered for it. There was a difference w
  17. It’s obvious Quinn wasn’t putting the best players on the field. Mariner has made plays and Bailey made every play on that last series lol.
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