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  1. 2 minutes ago, takeitdown said:

    Biggest difference in this game is their pressure is constant and ours is absent.

    Our OL hasn't been getting it done all year.  Our DL is off and on.

    They’re blitzing. But the main difference is Winston will take off. Pressure has gotten to him a good bit but he took off one time for a first down but he’s also thrown 2 picks because of pressure. There was. Holding call on the RB because of pressure. The difference between pressuring Matt VS Winston is the latter is INCREDIBLY hard to get on the ground. You blow on Matt and he falls. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, vel said:

    Yep. Not just that, you fire DQ because you assume a new HC can fix what the old one has shown he can't. If all of these changes they made result in a 6-2/7-1 run, that means he's essentially done what a new HC would be hired to do. There are no guarantees a new HC works. There are also no guarantees DQ can keep this ship going in the right direction. But he's got the rest of the season to prove the post-bye week Falcons are the real version. But like you said, his seat should be hot again next year because of that 1-7 start that was uncalled for. Ruined the season. 

    Totally agree. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Falconsfan567 said:

    It's not all coaching. Yes, the coaching adjustments have been major, but I think the bye week allowed the locker room to reset and start over. By that I mean, anyone that has played sports knows that one of the hardest thing to do as a player and a team is to change the momentum of a game and season. Once that snowball of bad starts happening it's extremely difficult to take a deep breathe and reset. It's human nature to start trying to do too much that just compounds the mistakes and makes things worse instead of better and I think that is what we saw during the losing streak. During the bye week the coaches were able to implement the changes they wanted and the players were able to catch their breath and start over with the season like it was game 1 of the season again. I think that is truth to the turnaround.

    Guys like @Knight of God, @Vandy, @vel and @TheFatboi can hopefully elaborate on this point.

    For me it was a combination of events that turned things around. 

    1. Quinn went back to his system that the team was familiar with. 
    2. the coaching changes got communication issues corrected 

    3. Quinn turned playcalling over to Ulbrich and Morris. 
    4. players held themselves accountable 

    5. Players were moved back to familiar positions ala kazee at FS. 

    6. They hit the reset button  

    I wanted Quinn gone because he changed his own system and they were terrible. Now I think he should be given another season but the seat remain hot. What I do like is he did what most coaches will not and that was hold himself accountable. He corrected his own mistakes. Now all of a sudden Beasley looks like what I always thought he was and takk does too. I loved that Quinn was gonna take over playcalling but when he changed the system I wasn’t thrilled with that. But now that they’ve gon back to what they do I am very pleased. The bye week is always reset and correct week. Fans think you can do this during the season but it is incredibly hard because you’re always game planning for the next game. 

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  4. Quinn ****** this team up. At first I thought the DK hire was gonna be fine but he changed the offense too much. It looks sluggish and uninspired. Sark should’ve not been fired. The offense at least would’ve still been potent. I haven’t seen a stretch run yet this season. Outside zone period is nit exitstaht. What do you have free for if you’ve taken away what he’s good at? 

    As for defense he changed his OWN scheme and now they look lost AF!! They can’t stop a cold. And the sad part is when he’s fired we’ll have to do the coach merry go round once again and they’ll have to learn another system AGAIN!!! 

    now you see why I keep saying YOU CANT KEEP CHANGING COORDINATORS!!! And if you do promote from within. I said after ks left that lafluer Should be promoted cause who else knows his system? His firing is a self inflicted wound. He basically did the same thing smith did. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

    Me - Head Coach

    @Knight of God - Assistant Head Coach

    @TheFatboi - Offensive Coordinator

    @vel - Defensive Coordinator

    @FalconFanSince1970 - General Manager

    Helluva team there. I’d watch those falcons teams with those guys running the show. 

  6. Just now, DawnOfThemBirds said:


    Dang, never seen you like this man.


    Now I know Quinn is done lol

    It’s basically what I’ve been saying for years on the board coming to a head. I said after Kyle left for SF that we should’ve promoted Lafluer. Brought an outside OC in. First year with him rough. Fires Manuel promotes himself, which was the right move BUT he CHANGES his own system so it’s still like learning a new DC in Bob Sutton. The pats stay good because BB promotes his coaches from within. He doesn’t hire outside. The Steelers have only had 3 HC’s in my entire life and the hires after Knoll were promotions from within and both coaches won a SB. 

  7. **** this team. I’m on the dump Quinn train now. He wrecked the team by not hiring LaFluer to run kyles system. He promoted himself to DC but he changes the system with Bob Sutton’s 3-4 concepts. It’s all him. I’ve told you guys forever you can’t keep changing coordinators and now we see why for sure. Only problem is fans and AB don’t have the time to wait on the team to learn these changes anymore seasons. And the problem with that is once Quinn is fired there will he YET another change and the team will have to learn another system. The bad teams in the nfl change coaches too much. The good teams promote from within. It’s over for Quinn. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Stray Dog THA GAWD said:

    Everyone was fooled by these frauds.

    No. You can’t keep changing coaches like I’ve said for a while. The good teams like NE promote from within. Lafluer should’ve been the OC hire when Kyle left. DQ should’ve promoted himself but he did bring in Sutton and they’ve been learning new stuff so that’s still an outside hire. The talent isn’t a fraud. Changing coaches every 2 years isn’t a recipe for success. That’s why the bad teams stay bad. Always changing coaches. 

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  9. Look I know y’all don’t care what I say to this matter. I’m just a fan like all of you but I also played this game and I know just a tad bit about the inner workings and I’ve said multiple times on the board that you can’t keep changing coaches and coordinators. I’ve said it many times. Y’all never believe that but as a former player I KNOW how difficult changing is. I’ve said that the pats always promote from within. They don’t hire outside. And they start on top. I’ve said since 08 Matt has had 2 HC’s, 5 OC’s and it’s been 5 DC’s. Not a recipe for sustained success. Well here’s what jimmy had to say this morning about why the falcons are 1-3. 

  10. Welp I’m just about ready to join the can DQ train. Not because of the reasons most of you believe but because he handled that hiring of OC’s to drive that high end offensive car. Instead of promoting  the guy that new Kyles system and the players the best in Lafluer he hires Sark. Then instead of weighing more options he immediately hired DK and they look slow and out of sync and uncreative with him. I initially liked the DK hiring but here’s the thing. If you’re going to hire an OC to run the same system why not promote from within? All these 1st year OC woes is getting tiresome. Every 1st year with a new OC Matt and the offense is stagnant. Including with Kyle but that made sense because they were learning a new system. So in loving THAT system so much why would you NOT promote the logical choice. I felt them lafluer should’ve been the OC. All these other things about what’s wrong with the team ain’t it. It’s one thing. The offense. What keeps changing about the offense? The OC’s. This is def Quinn’s last year in Atl if he doesn’t turn things around and I mean quickly at this point. And by that I mean they can’t loose now more than 1 more game and finish 12-4. 

  11. 2 hours ago, caponine said:

    Lol its over stop crying about it, theres nothing you can do now. The refs took emotion out of it and called it. If every ref took emotion into account there would be a lot of screwed finishes. Its the rule and a penalty and he broke the rule. Youve seen people take their helmets off the field and get penalized.

    It’s not an emotion thing. It’s a common sense thing. PERIOD!!! PLUS the rules state taking your helmet off in a confrontational gesture is a penalty. This wasn’t confrontational. Again, common sense. 

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  12. 43 minutes ago, Lowndesfalc said:

    I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s to the “must win” stage but make no mistake. It’s very important for both teams as both have underperformed and both looking to rebound. If Mariota falters then we could see Tannehill. We still should easily win this game if our, ahem “talent” shows up. 

    No game is an easy win in the nfl. Especially when you go into a game thinking that way. 

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  13. 49 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

    Titans looked at our AFC record and will be banished from the NFL if they lose to the 2000s Cleveland Browns of the NFC 

    We were never the browns of the nfc in the 2000’s. I think that belonged to either the lions or cardinals. We were a playoff contender in the 2000’s. Including a NFCG appearance against Philly. The years we missed either Vick was hurt or the dog thing happened. 

  14. 9 hours ago, Faithful Falcon said:

    That's what it looked like to you. A man with knowledge of the game knows Ryan was putting it in a spot. Stocker stood in a spot where he was not supposed to be.

    You’re right except he slowed down on the play instead of stood in a spot. That’s the second time he’s done that and it lead to an int. 

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  15. 1 minute ago, athell said:

    The SB did things to me I am not proud of lol.  Now I take it for what it is.  It's a game.  It has no bearing on my day to day life, win/lose or tie.  I will always root for them, I will always get annoyed when they underperform, I will always be a fan...but some of these people need to seriously reevaluate their live's if this is what a football team can do to them.

    The SB messed me up for a while. I didn’t watch any sports shows for the entire offseason. But I also didn’t let the loss affect my life. I was just done with football until the next season started lol. 

  16. 4 minutes ago, Bobby.Digital said:

    Yep. People are frustrated with the loss and are trying to blame players they dislike for it. Seeing the same thing with Koetter. Biases tainting reality. People gotta learn to remove emotion from judgement. 

    I think it’s impossible. That’s why I give myself a 24 hour rule to be mad then I calm down and rewatch the game and look at the good and the bad and watch the small things that hurt us as well as the big obvious things. I watch assignments that probably 99% of the board don’t watch nor know what it is they’re looking at if they did try.