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  1. Yea I think Neasman can handle it between him and ish. Maybe bring ish in the box on early run downs and being in Neasman in obvious pass situations. Neasman earned trust from me last season. The only thing I worry about is surety tackling. Rico and Neal are sure tacklers. Kazee not so much. Neasman not so much. And as the last line of defense they gotta make those stops when needed. That would be my only concern. That and kazee getting greedy looking for picks like he did on that TD play from yesterday.
  2. No they can’t. There’s specific duties the SS has in this system and just not anybody can do it. Neal can run with TE’s. Ish can’t. The responsibility in the box against the run as basically an extra LB can’t he done with just anybody either. It’s not a plug and play position. You say they had their best defensive series when Neal left the game? We missed Neal on that last drive that could’ve given us another shot at gettijg the ball back.
  3. That’s the thing right there. Living in the box. Not ideal for a season worth of SS for Rico.
  4. Yes he can still qb the defense from the SS position. More importantly Kazee. He can really tell him what’s coming and what to look for.
  5. That’s bs. We stay balanced whenever we don’t fall the f^ck behind. ANY team that falls behind early in a game will become in balanced. We fell behind in the Minny game. Became unbalanced. Had balance in the Philly game. Then fell behind against the cults. You can never have enough weapons. That’s a bunch of hot steaming bs there. Typically we are 55/45 pass to run. And that is balanced in today’s spread em out nfl. The issue is they gotta stop getting behind 2 scores early in the games. And contrary to popular belief three languages gonna be mistakes because there’s a new OC. The falcons are the one team that’s had success that can’t keep a cohesive stable of coaches. That makes a ton of difference. Y’all watch the game and wonder what the problem is but if we’re switching coordinators every 2 f*cking years EXPECT this sh*t right here that we’re dealing with. Even Quinn as DC is a change and he also brought change TO the defense. I pray just ONE F*CKING TIME we can keep some kind of coaching consistency and stop changing every 2 d@mn years. Coaches gotta learn players, players gotta learn new nuances, verbiage changes. That is a lot. And it creates mistakes. Players don’t play as fast because they’re thinking too much. The pats have THIS down. Same system Brady’s entire career. McDaniels was there even when Weiss was the OC. Coaching and player heaven. Cohesiveness.
  6. Your gonna get confused against teams you don’t play much or no much about. It’s not like the colts could stop us. We ran up and down the field on them. The hard count got the line 3 times. That’s not coaching that’s players. You’re on the road. That has an effect. You’re gonna get looks that don’t show on tape from a team you rarely play. All that and they still only lost 24-27 on the road to a good team. Are we supposed to go 16-0? I would love to but it’s just not possible. You have a defense that’s been tweaked so there’s gonna be issues there. You have a new coordinator so there’s gonna be issues there. You have a new OL so there’s gonna be issues there. We don’t have the privilege of being cohesive like the patriots where Brady has played in one system his entire career and BB has been the only HC he’s had. There’s gonna be some brain farts and hiccups. I hate it and I get frustrated like any of you but I also understand football is a chess match and not just line up and play. There had to be some cohesion for a team to be more consistent. Only thing I can say is give them time. This is Quinn’s 5th season and there’s been some kind of turnover each year except for 2015 and 16 and that resulted in a SB appearance. Since then Smith was fired and Manuel became DC. KS left and became the 49ers HC and Sark became OC. Lafleur left when Kyle left. Sark and Manuel was fired and DK and DQ became the new coordinators. All that is change after change after change and it definitely had an effect on the team. I still think they get it together as the season progresses. Today was not going to be an easy game but it was a winnable game.
  7. How was he out coached? This is on the players more than any coach. A coach can’t stop Matt from throwing a pick in the red zone. Even with all the other issues that’s probably the game winner for us because the colts converted that to a score. All the penalties. That’s players. And it’s not like the colts are a bad team. They were in the playoffs last year. We lost 24-27. Matt, the leader of our team, has thrown an int in scoring position in all 3 games this year. That one turnover is the difference. I do think quinn should’ve gone man to man sooner but I don’t believe he was out coached. The players made an abundant amount of mistakes. 16 penalties to the colts 4.
  8. Yep. That’s the only thing that’s not up to par with him. His cuts. And like you said it’s probably a confidence thing worrying if the surgically repaired grown will handle it. His straight line speed and burst is still there. Once he makes that wow cut that we’re used to and it feels good he’ll build his confidence and gradually return to form.
  9. I know right? If they get confidence it’s possible. Bruce is a good coach. They already have a lead on us by beating the panthers. That’s why they’re in 1st place. I wouldn’t trust a rookie against a Todd Bowles defense today. If the giants beat them it’ll be off of Barkley’s legs.
  10. He has the burst. Did you not see him run passed the entire eagles defense down to the 5 before Matt threw the int in the end zone? There were blocks missed and blockers getting blown up on top of them loading the box on Free. The colts are a zone defense. They rarely blitz and try to pressure with their good front four. Free should have more room today if the line handles their assignments. Ito benefits from not being respected yet. The eagles didn’t stack the box on him. Anytime free went out the game all attention was on Julio and let Ito do what he can cause we ain’t worried about him. That’s how defenses think. Until the backup earns more respect. It’s like juju having a great year because of AB but now he’s getting all of the coverage because he’s the #1 guy now. Same for free. When he’s in the game defenses watch him like a hawk.
  11. The difference in this game is we finally face a zone defense. The wr’s will find the cushions and Matt should have his best day this season. Also I think free finally gets going as zone teams don’t blitz as much as man teams and if so play action will be there for the big play.
  12. Did he throw one against the panthers? I was in and out of that game. But even if he does throw a pick hear and there they have a Todd Bowles coached defense. It’s pretty stingy. They’ll have Winston’s back.
  13. Don’t see clay making it. I can see Grady, takk, and Beasley. Gonna be hard for clay with the rotation. It’s gonna be hard for 3 on the DL anyway. Takk and Beasley will both have to have 10+ sacks. Which is possible with the new defense but hard.
  14. Julio will break his records in the structure of the game like Brett favre. He’s the last player to go out with breaking a record on his mind. If it happens today in a win he’ll be happy. If it happens in a loss he won’t be. If it doesn’t happen today he’s not even worried about it.
  15. Yep. That’s always been their identity.
  16. I wouldn’t sleep on Tampa with Bruce Arians at the helm and their DC.
  17. Very much possible. If we can have 3 pro bowlers on each side of the ball this season we’re on our way again.
  18. That’s the history of this game. Every SB winning team in the history of the nfl had hof’ers throughout. Whether it was the 85 bears. The 80’s giants. The 80’s niners. The 90’s cowboys. The 70’s Steelers. 70’s cowboys. All these teams had stars that all performed at high levels and performing at high levels produces stats. There’s no way to have one without the other. BB says you gotta have pro bowl level play at every position from at least one player. QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, CB, S, ST. If you have one player from every level that performs like that you’ll def be in the playoffs. Doesn’t mean you actually MADE the pro bowl but probably should’ve based on performance. In 2016 we had Matt, free, Julio, Mack, on offense and Beasley performed at a pro bowl level on defense. That was 5 players and should’ve won the SB. If Debo, Grady, and neal would’ve had pro bowl level performance during the season we most def win the SB without even coming down to a FG.
  19. It’s not always a wr. It’s been TE’s too. Really just depends on how your team is built.
  20. I have no idea why ppl think wining a SB is annoying individual achievement? Jerry rice doesn’t win a SB without Joe, Craig, Taylor, Lott, Hicks, and the rest of that 49ers team. Like I was trying to explain to @ya_boi_j the other day and I may have done a poor job at clarifying myself, but teams that win SB’s have MULTIPLE players that perform at a high level. At LEAST 4-5. And the rest of the team has to do so their jobs. The niners didn’t win soley because of rice. But Rice was that piece on offense that damaged defenses on a regular basis. And they didn’t beat themselves. Them it’s how your team is built. If you’re an offensive team 10 x outta 10 you’re gonna have either a stellar RB if you don’t have a stellar qb or a stellar wr if you have a stellar qb. If your core star players are performing at high levels unselfishly and the rest of the team is doing their jobs then it GREATLY increases a change at a SB. A team full of Paul worrilows doesn’t stand a chance. It just ends up being a bunch of feel good stories. You see how fast we parted ways with him once we got Debo??
  21. And he missed a season in 13
  22. Not necessarily. It’s more to a play than the obvious. First and foremost he had to catch the ball. But before that his depth and the angle to get the defenders into the trap is all mental. Believe it or not some guys would mess that seemingly simple play up by not doing the little things right. You’re right about the wheels part. That’s the easy part running away from somebody. The hard part is setting up your blocks right. Not everybody is good at that.
  23. Sanu made the block that sprung him. The guy Matthews squashed never stood a chance. The only guy that could spoil the play was sanu’s man.
  24. Exactly why they are backups. It’s a reason for it. If we didn’t have jones and Campbell Grace and Foye would be starting. Doesn’t mean the backups will do as well as the starters. You saw how we looked last year when Jones went down? Starters are starters for a reason.
  25. Lol