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  1. You can see the play call lil bro. It’s man to man. Cover 1. Rico has the TE. He reads run so he gets in better position but it’s an RPO. Brissett pulls it, Rico runs into the pick 1st down. No player is at fault. They did their assignments. The play call more than likely should’ve been zone. It’s the same as Matt getting man cover 0 against the eagles. Not one eagle player blew their assignment. It was just the right playcall against cover 0. In this situation it was the right call against cover 1. It’s not a hard game lil bro. You can see what the call is when they motioned. That’s on purpose to see if it’s zone or man. They got man so that tells me they got what they wanted. And being that it’s an RPO you can suck the safety in just enough to run him into the pick.
  2. Ok yea I thought it was that play. Yea it was an RPO again you man coverage with a pick. Almost the same way we beat the eagles except it was a screen. Rico read run so closed down to get adjusted. The qb read Rico so he’s gonna pull it instead of give it. Rico reads the give. Sees the pull and goes after the TE and runs into a pick. That’s just a helluva play call. It’s nobody’s fault just like it was none of the Philly players fault on the screen. The playCALL was the culprit. We probably should’ve been zone in that situation but it was an RPO so tough call. D@mn good play call.
  3. Is there a clip of the play?
  4. Rico read run. Which he wasn’t wrong but since it was an RPO the qb pulled it and being in man the puck slowed Rico from getting to the wr. A great play call. Nobody is really at fault there. It couldn’t have been executed any better. The only thing I can say is they probably should’ve been zone instead of man. This is what I’ve been saying since Sunday. They had simple but effective plays that caught us with our pants down. RPO’s, bunch formations, tight formations. Good day for them. Bad day for us. They got the look that wanted on that play just like we got the look we wanted on the last play against the eagles. This is the chess match I speak of all the time.
  5. That’s really just a good @ss play. RPO with a pick. Great play call against man coverage. As much as I hate it, great f*ckin play.
  6. It definitely wasn’t on Rico. It was a dink and dunk game so that’s on individuals to come up and make tackles immediately. Heck Rico saved a couple big plays from missed tackles. He was back to cleanup duty last Sunday. Me personally I think it was a soft game plan giving them too much cushion. I said it was one thing quinn May have been worried about but I think it may have been 2. Brissett taking off if we played more man and/or Hilton’s speed. I feel like those are the reasons we went zone heavy.
  7. He def was. I think he over thought it. Which is why I say when you don’t know your opponent we’ll do what Baltimore does. Play right man and go get the qb and tackle the ball carrier otw. They dink and dunked them to death. I would rather die hard than die soft. I feel he played zone for fear of Brissett running. IN that case do what he does to Aaron Rodgers. Play man on the back and let Beasley shadow him and not rush as much. This defense is much better in man than zone and has been since second half of 2016. Start the game I’m their face like he did the eagles game. He preached that in the off season. More aggressive defense. Well stick to that. I fully expect him to do that moving forward. I will say what the colts did do is run a lot of bunch formations and tight formations that force you out if man to man. It was a simple but effective game plan. It’s also the same game plan we used to beat Quinn’s defense in the playoffs in 2012. Tight formations where sherm couldn’t get hands on Roddy. Also some teams are just built to beat certain types of defenses. Every defense in the nfl had its cryptonight offense. Everybody including BB is gonna run into that offense whether simple or complex that’s gonna do things that give them fits. It’s nfl football. The 85 bears were dismantled by miami. They didn’t do anything complex. Just simply spread them out.
  8. Yes he still is. The offense is still a Kyle wco variation with some DK wrinkles sprinkled in. The steps route vs the yardage route is the difference imo. For 4 seasons Matt and his wr’s were yardage route and they were perfectly timed to Matt’s footwork in his drops. With steps I’m sure it’s got some timing issues. As we can clearly see. They’ll make the timing adjustment over the course of the season but that one little thing is a HUGE thing for this finely tuned offense. Before sark I always felt lafluer should have that shot. He was the guy in Matt’s ear after all.
  9. Yea that’s exactly what I was getting at.
  10. Absolutely. It was all in the timing of the routes to his footwork. Roddy wasn’t where he was supposed to be too. So it was a combination of both. When rod isn’t there and Matt throws a pick now he’s not trusting the system and now he’s watching the wr. 2016 all that was fixed and he was letting it fly. Now this step based route thing with DK has them a tad off again.
  11. Oh yea. I said he deserves his heat but fans wondering what’s wrong with the team these constant coaching changes to me is the direct reason. I have no doubt that Quinn will get the defense right. And I don’t really fault him completely against Indy because they just don’t know them. Like they don’t know us. Both teams only punted 1 time. As for offense I think he should’ve tried Lafleur over sark because he knew the offense as well as Kyle. Defensively maybe he should’ve come out the gate as DC. So yes I agree those changes all fall on him but it’s still about the offense. Kyle was his original hire and he leaves for. HC job. Can’t block it. Not his fault. The offense has to get back to the fast starts they’re accustomed to. The defense will be ok. I still trust him there.
  12. Matt used to throw to a spot with 3 guys in the vicinity with Kyle but it was usually a catch because they wr was always in the right spot. It’s like year one with Kyle and the wr’s weren’t in the right spot. Lead to picks. In the wco you may have tk make a blind throw but it doesn’t matter if you know the wr is gonna be where he’s supposed to be. Bracket coverage doesn’t mean anything when the wr is in the right spot because if Matt puts it on the spot and the wr is there there’s absolutely nothing the defense can do. That’s the whole point of throwing to spots. Of Matt’s 6 picks I’d put 3 on him and the other 3 miscommunication between where the wr should be and Matt throwing to a spot.
  13. No doubt. Even the penalties can come from thinking too much and/or panicking because you missed an assignment. The more confident you are in your assignment the less penalties you commit.
  14. Absolutely. The casual fan doesn’t not realize all these coaching changes brings different things. Nuances etc...Even Quinn taking over as DC is a change. They have to do it HIS way and he’s also tweaked his own system. If anybody out there thinks these coaching changes don’t effect play they’re sorely mistaken. There’s gonna be bugs just like updating your OS on your computer but eventually the bugs get worked out. The pitchforks shouldn’t be out on quinn after just 3 games knowing we’ve had coaching changes. It took Matt 2 seasons with Kyle to become a killer. 2 with sark. This is year 1 part 2 with DK. There’s gonna be hiccups. Same with the defense.
  15. To me its simple. And I knew it was gonna be an issue when I first heard it. Even tho the offense is still the same for the most part DK still brought in his own stuff. Instead of yardage based routes DK installed steps based routes. I can guarantee that’s got Matt off a tad bit. And the system usually calls for throwing to a spot rather than a guy. If that guy isn’t where he’s supposed to be it can lead to an int. I’ve seen the miscommunication in just the incomplete passes. I know it’ll get worked out but these tiny minute changes have huge affects on performance.
  16. It’s not that. It’s the fact that in these 5 years it’s been 3 OC’s and 3 DC’s. The average casual fan doesn’t see that as an issue but each change brings chanGES. DK has to learn the offense but he also brought his tweaks. DQ is calling the defense but he also tweaked the defense and added some Bob Sutton stuff. Of course him as HC should feel this heat but it’s doesn't have anything to do with his message or the talent on the building. It’s simply they keep going under the good every 2 years. There’s no way the offense would stall like this is the OC was still Kyle. If DQ was the DC from day 1 they’d fly around with their eyes closed because they’d be so familiar with the offense. Every time you make a change the players go thru that thinking period where it slows them down a tad and they make more mistakes. This is why college can have powerhouses for long periods of time. The HC usually gets long enough to bring stability and once it’s built the only turnover is players but the system remains the same. Maybe a coordinator gets a HC job after 5+ years of service and you get a hiccup for a season. The nfl is no different. You HAVE to have coaching cohesion. The falcons have to be the only successful nfl team that has this rapid of coaching changes. Since TD and Matt got here in 08 there has been 2 HC’s, 5 OC’s, and 5 DC’s. On the surface that looks like a losing team but this has been a fairly successful team since Matt and TD got here 12 seasons ago. Brady’s been in the nfl much longer and he’s still in the same system and has only had 4 OC’s Weiss, McDaniels, some other guy, and McDaniels. The down Years was with some other guy when McDaniels went to Denver. McDaniels was there when Weiss was there. So in contrast that’s like Lafluer being here with Kyle and he gets the OC job when Kyle leaves to be a HC. Instead we brought in a completely different guy in sark and he had to learn the system Lafluer already knew.
  17. That can’t be the case because he played CB in college and was a pick machine. He’s played decent. Tackling has been his only issue and he wasn’t a great tackler at FS last year. Slot is not an easy position to play. He also didn’t immediately look good playing FA last year. The picks looked good but he left his corners hanging a lot getting greedy. Just like the TD he gave up Sunday. His INSTINCTS that you’re talking about made him greedy and he abandoned his assignment searching for a pick and Brissett out chessed him. Same thing he did at FS last year. He needs to stay where he is. He’ll be ok. You also say he’s more instinctive with the play in front of him? They played a lot of zone Sunday so the play was in front of him. But like I said he’s playing decent. His tackling and getting greedy was the issue last Sunday.
  18. He was. He would’ve definitely had over 100 yards if we didn’t fall behind so early and had to throw. 25 carries and he probably has 120-130 yards rushing.
  19. We punted once too.
  20. Kazee was drafted as a corner. That’s what he is by trade. He was moved to safety.
  21. 16 carries for 88 yards and a 5.5 ypc. Y’all tarded smh.
  22. Absolutely. You could see how much we missed Grady just on that last drive
  23. That’s what I was thinking that he doesn’t run much but he’s capable. And that was probably enough to make Quinn he cautious. Plus they ran a lot of tight formations and bunch formations that forced us out of man.
  24. As I said yesterday if he stayed in zone for a half he must’ve been worried about Brissett running if he didn’t play man much. That’s the only thing I could think of. Worried if the defense turned their backs that Brissett would take off. Also the colts were running looks that they hadn’t seen on film which was confusing the defense. That’s another reason to just be man to man. The colts also ran a lot of bunch and tight formations that force you out of man to man. So it was really a great plan from Reich. I don’t think he necessarily called a bad game. Just got caught with their pants down a little.
  25. I’d keep things as is and just so double duty at SS between Neasman and Ish. Having Rico to qb will be the biggest thing.