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  1. The coordinators we lost we KS, Sark, Smith, and Manuel. Manuel was promoted from within. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Instead of promoting LaFleur he went outside to get sark. Year 2 with sark was much better and Matt almost matched his 2016 numbers. Fired him and now DK. Down year for the offense. Morris was a smart promotion from within. Sark did nothing to get fired for real. Year 3 with him probably would’ve been humming. And you can’t switch a coordinator def after 1 year. Manuel didn’t do anything to get fired either. Quinn promoting himself was a good move but it was too overwhelming for him. Ulbrich and Morris did a great job. But they’re also on staff. Nothing had to change. The issue is change. Quinn isn’t gonna bring in an incompetent coach. But the biggest mistake he made was not promoting LaFleur. He was already here. Offense didn’t have to learn a new coordinator wouldn’t have had to learn new players. Plus he knew kyles playbook extensively. That’s what I mean by keep coordinators in place as well.
  2. It makes plenty of sense. You have to give it some time. If it’s doesn’t work after given effort you have to cut bate. Like Dallas did with Garrett. He had multiple chances and it never got better. Saints had three 7-9 seasons. Payton was retained and now they’re good again. Steelers only had 3 HC’s my entire life. All won SB’s. All had bad/down seasons but were retained. You HAVE to have continuity. I said weeks ago quinn should come back. 2 bad seasons shouldn’t be a firing. I’ve been preaching the same thing blank said before he said it. Now he said it. You HAVE Yo five things time to be great. The other thing is quinn has to let continuity grow within his coaching staff as well. Replacing coordinators every 2 years Is the same as if you fire a HC after only 2 bad seasons. You gotta let something stay the f*ck in place until it gets right. If it doesn’t get right after 3 bad seasons let it go.
  3. An arching ball is harder to catch than a flat deep speed ball. The higher the ball the harder to locate it. Especially if it gets into the lights.
  4. Very similar indeed. And no doubt if that’s your game that’s your game. Thomas has his game and he’s very good say what he does. Nothing wrong with that at all.
  5. TD production is a product of who’s throwing the ball tho also Jerry was a volume guy like Thomas n New Orleans. Jerry would have like 130 catches and next would be Roger Craig with 60. If Julio got the targets Jerry did or even Thomas he’d run down the record. And td’s ain’t on Julio. It’s more so on Matt. Matt underthrows to Julio alit where he has to slow down for the ball. Many of those would be walk in TD’s if hit in stride. Also Matt spreads the ball around much more than joe did. Joe was the master of the slant. He threw a lot of short passes that Jerry took to the house. And mind you the WCO was something new and unstoppable when Walsh got there. Lastly the way Julio is covered affects his TD’s because like I stated before Matt will just go somewhere else. The one time I saw a defense try to take rice away was the 2nd SB again cincy and Taylor caught the winning td. Defenses in the 80’s played WAAAAAAAAY more man to man than they do now so rice could beat his man badly because there were only a handful of corners that could cover him 1 on 1. And this is years before young Deion Sanders made it to the nfl. There’s just no way to hold a wr’s TD numbers again him because so much of what he does depends on his qb. Not like a rb where after he takes the handoff and gets a block the rest is on him.
  6. They should keep free one more year. Have a 3 back tandem again with the oline being one year better with Lindstrom and McGary. Fix LG and free will look as good as he did down the stretch and THEN some.
  7. Ok gotcha. Yea that would be awesome. And had to stop. We ran looks like that will Kyle in 2016. It killed Seattle when we went up there that year.
  8. You mean 2 TE sets? Sorry it’s hard for me to turn off my football lingo. Especially when I’m trying to understand what you’re saying so I can get the picture. If I’m reading this right you’re saying 2 TE sets with Julio and Ridley out wide? Or are you saying 2 TE sets with Julio and Ridley twins to one side. Cause when you say twins it automatically makes me think twin wr’s to one side.
  9. You’re absolutely right tho. The reads don’t come as fast. And it’s not that it’s all Matt. It could be a wr that’s not running the right route which causes Matt to misfire or throw a pick but the qb is gonna get all the flack.
  10. You’re pulling up his overall numbers. What you’re not pulling up is red zone success. And nobody said he struggles. His first year with a new OC is down for him. If you give a running back enough carries he’ll have 1000 yards rushing but his average may only be 3.3 ypc vs 4.2 the previous year. That’s a difference. Ryan had two 4+ int games in 2012. Oakland and Arizona. Which hurt him in MVP talks. 2015 pick machine again. 2017 offense slow moving. Red zone issues just like in 2012 and 2015. Matt is a good qb no doubt but he absolutely has issues first year with a new OC. I mean thank god for Julio jones, Roddy White, and TG in 2012 because if not all that firepower a lot more would’ve been exposed while he was getting used to DK.
  11. Absolutely. And it git Brett in trouble just like it does Winston.
  12. I’ve said this over and over and over. It falls on def ears. I’m glad a player finally expressed what I’ve been trying to tell my falcon brethren
  13. Profound letter bro. NEVER tank!!!
  14. You know another over confident player that threw a lot of picks? Brett Favre. Maybe that should’ve been the over confident player that I mentioned because Brett broke a lot of good records but he also broke bad ones. Like most int’s or close to it. And he’s a HOF’er. He had a great coach that reeled in as much as he could but Brett still had to be Brett. Good and bad. They lost a lot of big games because of Brett’s picks.
  15. And that wasn’t a comparison. It was a matter of fact that any qb can throw a lot of int’s and the right coach come in and reel that in. It’s not about comparing player to player. This message board has a knack for making a post something it’s not. Nowhere in my post did I say those players were anything alike. It was about the RIGHT COACH coming in and tempering that’s over confident player. @FalconsIn2012 brought up winstons over confidence and he’s absolutely right. I brought up another over confident player that just happened to be Peyton Manning. But that doesn’t change the fact that Peyton was over confident when he first came in the league. Marshall Faulk even tried to tell him that he won’t be able to make some of the throws he made in college because nfl corners are too fast and good. Peyton didn’t listen and threw a lot of picks. The right coach came in and got all that over confidence tempered. That’s all the post was about.
  16. Facts.
  17. Lmao!!! We good bro. But My stance isn’t on DK. It’s on the team having to change OC’s again. So to me it’s dumb to fire DK and hire yet ANOTHER OC. Because I GUARNTEE you and some of the other fire DK cohorts will hate the new OC became the offense is starting off slow. Happened with Kyle and it’ll happen again if they fire DK. My stance has NEVER been for DK the man. It’s been for OC position. Let somebody stay in f*cking place for a change. PERIOD!!! Y’all know I’m a deeper thinker than “i like DK so I want him.” If ANY of you guys have learned anything about me is I DONT THINK LIKE THE AVERAGE MAN/WOMAN!!!
  18. I don’t think I’m wrong. And whatever spots stripes. I don't care. You know what I meant lol. I don’t see me being wrong because of what good Winston did. Control bad Winston and you’re a playoff contender.
  19. He doesn’t have to be cause he has tangibles Peyton didnt. Like running ability.
  20. A leopard doesn’t have to change its stripes but it can’t change its approach to the attack.
  21. They still may draft a qb but Winston will still be there and be the day 1 starter with a better understanding of the system.
  22. I disagree. With certain players it takes the right coach. Ala Andy Reid for michael vick. Peyton Manning was a pick machine as well because of his over confidence. The right coach tempered that.