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  1. I don't think that's what he meant. And hood doesn't mean what you're insinuating it means because you can be an accountant and still be hood. Your hood will always be in you. Wor has soul. You can hear it in the way he talks and even his movements. Maybe wor hung around ppl as a kid and it wore off on him. But I think what he was getting at is he basically has some good swag in him.
  2. I know what mean. I get that from Paul too just by hearing him speak. He has swag, soul. It comes from another place.
  3. Lol. That doesn't make them a thug. Sapp ain't a thug. He's a thirst bucket. Loving ****** from prostitutes doesn't qualify you to be a thug. Also being stupid doesn't make you a thug. In that case 80% of this board are thugs. Lol. Lack of respect doesn't make you a thug. I know thugs that are VERY respectful. Lack of respect can come from just being an @sshole
  4. Absolutely.
  5. first I don't wear panties lol. Second, f*ck Thomas Sowell. I've lived a life up close and personal. I don't need a book about the word thug. My life is a book in itself. It may be a good book but I'll stick to the 48 laws of power. I get all that "cracka culture " stuff. I spent half my life learning about myself and my ppl and who we are and where we come from and the truths to the history of my ppl and other cultures that were erased from history. Not HIStory! Believe me I'm into that. But if I see somebody call a person a thug I want to hear his explanation of what makes said person a thug. I like to antagonize the def dumb and blind. Back your accesment up. It's all about respect. Don't use words but have no argument to back it up. I like exposing ignorance. Same thing that book is about.
  6. Absolutely. Everybody that comes from a "hood". Not a neighborhood has that hood in them whether black, white, Asian, Hispanic etc...It's how you're raised. But that's also why ppl make it out the hood and why most play the way they do. They brought that attitude with them. Being hood doesn't make you a thug and I think that's what these guys are confusing.
  7. Exactly what's wrong with American culture.
  8. You can't live a double life and play in the NFL. If you're a thug it will come out. I know a lot of NFL players. None of who are thugs. Public PERCEPTION may say they are thugs but the truth is they don't really know these ppl. Just because a guy has dreads or swag or talks with a certain slang doesn't make them a thug. If you're a professional you're not a thug. A drug dealer that sells weight is not a thug. He's a business man. Like it or not. Thugs are street level. Hernandez was putting in work like a street level thug. As I said there are no thugs in the NFL. Regardless of what you feel about the person. Unless you can show me proof and you know more pro athletes than I do? Smoking weed doesn't maje you a thug, snorting coke doesn't maje you a thug. There are guys that will kick your @ss in the NFL but they're still not a thug. I know ppl that wear suits everyday that will kick the living sh!t out of you and they're white. Doesn't make them a thug. They just don't take no sh!t!! I know a ton of star rappers and not one of them is a thug. They hang with thugs in their entourage but they themselves are not thugs. You should hang with me sometime in a professional environment so you can see who these ppl areamd then come with me around another element of life that I know. You'll change that tune real quick. It's part of the reason marshawn doesn't do the media. He doesn't let them paint the picture they want to paint. He's a philanthropist not a thug but he comes from an environment with thugs in it. Just like myself and many inner city athletes. Doesn't make them thugs tho and that's the truth of it. Thugs do not...I repeat thugs DO NOT live a full professional life, retire, keep thugging and live happy ever after. These are men with kids and families. If you're a thug in the NFL or nba or whatever it WILL come out. IE Aaron Hernandez. Your answer is exactly what's wring with America. Still feeding into perceptions and stereo types. So by your professional accesment I'm a thug right?
  9. I know white thugs, black thugs, Mexican thugs, Asian thugs. I've been to prison. I used to play in these streets when I was young and dumb and almost pissed my take t away. I know all kinds of thugs. And they don't play football on Sundays lol.
  10. Exactly
  11. I guess now making an obscene gesture makes you a thug. Ppl are funny. I know real thugs and the only one I know of that could considered a thug in the NFL is Aaron Hernandez. Ppl are throwing that word thug aroubd too loosely and I'm starting to take offense to it as if to mean "n" word. If you call a man a thug make sure he really is a thug. Half these folks on this board don't even know what a thug is. Crazy!
  12. Thug? And why does he have to be a thug? What about him says thug? Because he has dreads? Do you know what thugs do? Hernandez is a thug. Love him or hate him that does NOT make him a thug.
  13. I know right? The game is to be sold not told. Lol
  14. The NFL has only fined him for non compliance to rules like making himself available to the media and not wearing NFL sanctioned clothing. They were not picking at a hat. Beast mode wear is not sanctioned by the NFL therefore he was fined for it. The NFL wants its players to promote it's teams and brands that THEY sanction. Lynch is not the only player to be fined for this type of stuff. It's only a big deal because the MEDIA made a it big deal, which in the grand scheme of it all means nothing. They're not fining him for the **** of it. He broke an NFL sanctioned rule. Some of it is that he doesn't care if he gets fined because he wants to just be himself.
  15. I think Trent richardson was the first back to be fined for head to head contact but at the end of the day his play will still speak for him so in that regard they can't ruin a player that lives up to his name. The only thing the media will do is prolong his place in the HOF which I still think is stupid. Guys like Haley should be in the HOF no matter how they got along with the media.
  16. Exactly. And that team was in the SB. Although they faced a team with personalities in the Broncos but you're absolutley right. Ray showing up at media day with the dog collar because we were underdogs. Anderson, Santiago, Dronet, Smith and Smith, Mathis, Hammer, Bennett. We had big personalities all over that team and reeves broke it up the next season. Smh.
  17. I think it will. The best teams have always had personalities. Even tho some may thinknits pats are boring they have always had personalities under Belichik. Brady is a personality, Gronk, Wilfork, Moss, Harrison, Asante, Milloy, Seau etc...Every SB champ was a team full of personalities and when you have personalities you'll find confidence.
  18. I think it will.
  19. Another reason we fall short. No diversity. No personalities allowed. Roddy is one of the first to change that. Asante was another. When we become a team that lets out players be who they are we'll sore. The Cowboys always did, the steelers did, the Ravens, the raiders, skins, niners, 85 bears. Any great team of seasons passed were allowed to be who they are. We still really don't know who our players are. I believe Matt is who he is, I know who roddy is, along with Moore and spoon. I think Quinn will follow that from Seattle and let his players relax and be who they are.
  20. Lynch isn't a goofball. I know his cousin mr fab( a rapper) really well and they invited me to play in a celebrity softball game in Oakland right before the season started. The marshawn I met is nothing like a goofball. He just hates the media and I know why. I also don't blame him. Some ppl don't like the Spotlight. Especially when the media misconstrues what many say with sound bytes or take things out of context. He doesn't care about public opinion. The only thing he cares about his his charities and inner city kids that don't have a chance or won't be anything let the world tell it. They love him and know his heart and who he is. Doesn't matter why is fans or the media or general public think to him. That's why I love my job. I get opportunities to meet a lot of celebs and see who they really are. Some ARE @ssholes and goofballs. Most are regular ppl like everybody else. I have a little bit of celebrity and many of these guys are just like me and I consider myself a regular guy even tho ppl tell me how much I inspire them and they started making music because of me it they look up to me etc... Yet I'm still on this site AS MYSELF. No hidden name or such and I love chatting with you guys and have made friends with a number of you.
  21. That's not a problem at all man. Nobody in foitball really cares if he doesn't want to speak to the media and he's doing what he has to to not get fined now. He's a helluva teammate and he's active in the community and has a soft spot for underprivileged kids. He's nowhere near what the media portrays him to be. His team loves him. As far as his coach he rolls his eyes becauee the media won't let it go. The media IS the problem not Lynch. And you were absokutkey right. He doesn't like the limelight and he doesn't want to be in it but the league forces it upon players. Not everybody is good with public speaking or media.
  22. I definitely can understand your sentiment to it. I really don't like being around ppl or opening myself up to them because most are so fake and phony. I deal with so many snakes it makes you that way. That's why I come here when i have some time. I feel closer to some of you guys than ppl I see all the time but I can also tell many of you guys are genuine regardless if we agree or disagree about issues with our favorite NFL team. I have conversations with the guys I consider friends here and even tho it's online I can still tell the guys that have a good heart like yourself, Gritz, KOG, Tuggle, Poker Steve, Freebird, Ya Boi J, , raynill, falconsd56, Tandy, youngnloodz, FFS70, and a host of others that I can't recall at the monent. If I did t mention your name it's because I couldn't remember at the time. You guys know who you are that I talk to the most.
  23. Well now that she volunteered Ray should've tipped the **** out of her. Still she did say she'd load the car.
  24. I know I'm not and im nowhere near the celeb ray is. But I do have a certain level of celebrity and no I'm not doing certain things myself. Especially if I'm paying for it. Just the nature of it.